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Please address any questions you may have regarding the contest to:
[email protected]
Is the contest open to all countries?
Yes, this is an international contest.
What is the minimum age to participate?
When is the application deadline?
From 12/01/2010 up to and including 12/20/2010.
When will I be able to vote?
Votes will be open from 12/21/2010 midnight to 12/30/2010 midnight.
Why am I unable to vote several times?
Votes are not unlimited. You will only be able to vote once for the make up artist of your choice. You can however send invitations to your friends and post the link to the contest on your blogs, facebook, twitter, etc. to support your favourite contestant.
Will the travelling costs incurred for the finals be covered by the organisers?
As indicated in the rules and regulations, all costs are at the participant’s own expense.