Month: May 2022

Life tips with Diabetes, Lifestyle, Food & Drinks.

How dangerous is diabetes. Types of complications

People who live with diabetes should understand that it is dangerous with complications. Thanks to constant self-control, they can be avoided or delayed in time. For high-quality self-control, it is also important to know what types of complications of diabetes are – in order to notice their earliest manifestations and, if possible, stop the development.…
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Long life without complications. Example of Joslin Medal winners

Thanks to the latest technology and research in the field of diabetes, people’s lives can be full and happy. Heroes who have received the Jocelin Medal prove that the quality of compensation is the cornerstone of maintaining health. The center is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The Joslin Diabetes Center was founded in 1898 by Elliot…
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An experienced diabetic MUST be more literate than his doctor?

Diabetic experience implies the accumulation of a large amount of knowledge: something from the literature, something from the exchange of experience, but to a greater extent, observation of one’s body. More and more often you can hear from the lips of experienced diabetics “I know more than my doctor” … Self-confidence is one thing, and…
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Pregnancy and diabetes

Pregnancy. Whether there is an occasion to address to the endocrinologist?A normal pregnancy is without a doubt a joyful period for a woman. Nevertheless, it is worth monitoring a number of endocrine parameters that will allow you not to miss thyroid dysfunction and gestational diabetes mellitus in the early stages. Gestational diabetes mellitus is a…
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Diabetes during pregnancy

First of all, to detect this disease, it is necessary to determine the glucose in the venous blood plasma. Capillary blood, and even more so the assessment of sugar by a glucometer, is not suitable in such a difficult situation. Evaluation of blood glucose levels should be carried out in all pregnant women without exception…
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