Month: April 2022

Life tips with Diabetes, Lifestyle, Food & Drinks.

Glucometer Contour Plus One – new opportunities in diabetes management

The importance of a glucometer in the life of a person with diabetes cannot be overestimated. Knowing what your SC (blood sugar) is at all times means being able to manage it. It is thanks to glucometers that we have the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle for as long as possible, to maintain health.…
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Enzyme C6 ( Ferment S6) – effective therapy for type 2 diabetes

The drug Enzyme C6 ( Ferment S6) is a popular product among the Customers of our store who suffer from type 2 diabetes. The secret of such popularity of this product is simple – it really helps to normalize blood glucose levels and maintain it in the normal range, thereby minimizing the development of various…
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Which lancing pen lancet should I choose?

On average, 5 finger pricks a day are done by a person with diabetes all his life. But this is not a sad story at all. Indeed, thanks to the fact that there are glucometers , we can find out our blood sugar at any time, which means: we stay healthy longer, we can afford…
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Checklist “How to properly pack for a diabetic vacation”

Nowadays, people with diabetes can safely travel, go on vacation or on business trips, whether in their own country or in any other. Even to another continent – you can! The more carefully you prepare for the trip, the more pleasant and with less stress everything will pass. Follow this checklist so you don’t forget…
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Diabetic foot syndrome – the basics of prevention and treatment

Diabetic foot syndrome (hereinafter referred to as DFS) is a complex of anatomical and functional changes in the lower extremities (legs) of a person with diabetes mellitus. That is, DDS is a collective concept, and is rarely used as an independent diagnosis. Most often, in the extract, doctors indicate the components of this syndrome –…
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What is hypoglycemia and how to deal with it

Hypoglycemia – a drop in blood glucose to a critical level – is an unpleasant condition familiar to every person with diabetes. It is important to understand the mechanisms of its development in order to quickly and correctly bring your body back to normal. In general, hypoglycemia is considered to be a decrease in blood…
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