Glucometer Contour Plus One – new opportunities in diabetes management

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Glucometer Contour Plus One – new opportunities in diabetes management

The importance of a glucometer in the life of a person with diabetes cannot be overestimated. Knowing what your SC (blood sugar) is at all times means being able to manage it. It is thanks to glucometers that we have the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle for as long as possible, to maintain health. New glucometer Contour Plus One makes blood glucose measurements as convenient as possible and gives even more self-monitoring options for people with diabetes.

Why is he so good?

First, it’s beautiful. This is an important psychological moment for many: there is a difference between carrying a medical device or a stylish gadget. The glucometer was developed by the Swiss company Ascensia diabetes Care (you may know it as Bayer AG), whose technology is renowned for its precision.

Manufacturers take care of people with diabetes by adding to the glucometer Contour Plus One : easy navigation system, backlit test strip port and screen, beeps, data transfer to a smartphone or computer via Bluetooth or USB cable. And a feature that solves many problems in self-control is the ability to use the Contour smartphone app. Diabetes , which automatically transfers data from your glucometer . Let’s take a closer look at what this means in practice in real life.

Contour size and shape Plus One

The meter measures 97mm x 28mm x 15mm and weighs only 36 grams. This is one of the most compact blood glucose meters on the market. It can be carried in the smallest purse or secret pocket. The set includes a standard case slightly elongated and with a good zipper.

Contour Plus One runs on two CR2032 batteries. They ensure the operation of the glucometer according to SC measurements, uninterrupted communication with a smartphone via Bluetooth and screen backlighting . The battery compartment is easy to open. At the same time, in order to get the batteries, you do not need to pry them with something sharp or pull on a special strap. They leave the glucometer on a special stand – to get them, you just need to press it from the other side.


A person with diabetes, especially if he leads an active lifestyle, has to measure SC in a variety of situations. Thanks to the backlight of the port for the test strip and the screen, you can easily recognize your SC in the cinema, in the car, at home at night, so as not to turn on the general light , etc. The backlight is quite contrasting – where to insert the test strip and the result of the measurement can be seen clearly.

This glucometer also has a color indication of the result of measuring the SC. If low – the backlight will be red, if high – orange, and in the case of normal – a calm green color. You set the sugar levels yourself, having determined (perhaps with your doctor) what indicators are considered low, high or normal for you. True, this can only be done through the application in the smartphone. But you can disable this function through the glucometer .

Second chance technology

Glucometer « Contour» Plus One ” uses only “Contour Plus” test strips. They need a very small drop of blood to measure. but if you didn’t manage to get enough blood the first time, the “Second Chance” technology turns on. It allows you to collect blood, for example, from the second puncture and get the correct measurement result. We have already written why you should not press and rub your finger to get more blood from one puncture – keep this in mind. Most other blood glucose meters do not have a blood draw function, and in case of failure, the test strip has to be thrown away without getting a result.

Other useful features

Navigating the Meter Contour Plus ONE is very simple and intuitive. It has only three buttons: “up”, “down” and “confirm”. Up button means increase value or normal navigation. Down button – decrease or move to the menu item below. Press the central “confirm” button when you are on the menu item or number you need (if you enter the time, for example).

The sound signal can be turned off if you do not need it or interfere. This is important for people who do not advertise their diabetes or those who simply do not want to draw too much attention to themselves. For example, schoolchildren with diabetes or students during class should definitely turn off this function.

Sugar reports you can get when you connect your Contour Plus ONE to the computer. This is handy to keep track of trends in your performance. And they are also convenient to print or send by e-mail before communicating with the doctor. The meter stores the results of the last 800 measurements.

Mobile application Contour diabetes

We highly recommend using the Contour app diabetes . Your glucometer will communicate with your smartphone and send it information about the results of the BG measurement. These are, indeed, new opportunities for self-control and compensation of diabetes. With this application you will be able to:

  • leave marks next to each measurement “before meals” or “after meals”, medications / physical activity / type of product,
  • leave comments and photos under the measurements, notes about the food eaten,
  • make graphs from the measurement results to see the dynamics,
  • see the average for 7, 14, 30 and 90 days,
  • send detailed measurement reports,

Also, the user of the application receives notifications about the dynamics of changes in glucose levels. For example, you may receive a message that glucose levels rise mainly before breakfast. This will help you adjust your insulin therapy or the intake of hypoglycemic drugs. The program analyzes the causes of changes in sugar levels based on the notes left. The app provides hints to make it easier to use, and can remind you to visit the doctor and take your medications or need to inject insulin. All this you set up once, and then you just use it.

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