Month: January 2021

Life tips with Diabetes, Lifestyle, Food & Drinks.

Diabetes insipidus: causes and symptoms, treatment in women and men

Diabetes insipidus causes Diabetes insipidus is a disease characterized by disorders in the urinary system and the hypothalamus. In most cases, the disease affects individual parts of the pituitary gland, which leads to improper production of the diuretic hormone vasopressin. The disease is often confused with diabetes mellitus, which is fundamentally wrong, since the pathologies differ from each…
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Stages of diabetes mellitus: from prediabetes to type 1 and 2 diabetes, complications

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that has many complications and, in some cases, may be asymptomatic. Prediabetes Prediabetes occurs when blood sugar levels are elevated. With the disease, the classical diagnosis is not made, but there is a great risk for the development of a chronic form. Disease symptoms: hunger; feeling of thirst; frequent urination; deterioration of vision.…
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Diabetes ulcers – treatment methods: ointments, folk remedies, surgery

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease and is often accompanied by various complications such as hypertension, decreased visual acuity, and circulatory disorders. Due to improper blood circulation on the body, trophic ulcers occur, which can lead to additional complications. With the disease, a gradual thinning and destruction of blood vessels occurs, which leads to necrosis of soft…
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Foot problems in diabetes mellitus – causes, stages of complications, treatment

Some diabetics suffer from foot diseases (diabetic foot). Typically, diabetes-affected legs are found in older people. Doctors recommend starting treatment immediately when symptoms appear, otherwise the situation only worsens, and the patient with diabetes risks remaining immobilized. Lower limb problems in diabetics There are several problems with the legs in people with diabetes mellitus for a long…
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Types of diabetes mellitus: types 1 and 2, gestational , insipidus and others

The term “diabetes mellitus” refers to a group of endocrine disorders that result in a persistent rise in blood glucose concentration (hyperglycemia). Initially, only types of diabetes such as type 1 and type 2 diabetes were diagnosed. As research has grown, other types have begun to be distinguished, such as gestational , latent, sugarless, and labile. Their differences are due…
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Itching in diabetes mellitus in women: causes and how to treat

Diabetes mellitus occurs due to serious metabolic disorders, which, in turn, affects the state of the patient’s internal organs. Itching of the skin, which is a consequence of malfunctioning of the body, can become a concomitant complication. Inflammation in advanced form in diabetes mellitus is difficult to treat and cause severe discomfort in the patient. Causes of…
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