Month: March 2021

Life tips with Diabetes, Lifestyle, Food & Drinks.

Diabetes mellitus and surgery

At a time when insulin was not yet accepted as a radical treatment for diabetes, most surgeons were reluctant to operate on diabetics. Patients with disorders of all metabolic processes endure the operation and the postoperative period with more pronounced painful phenomena. With small interventions without long-term food restriction, people with diabetes may remain on…
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Vascular disorders in diabetes mellitus

In patients with diabetes mellitus, both small vessels (microangiopathy) and large ( macroangiopathy ) are affected . In the first form, the function of the capillaries of various tissues and organs is disrupted. Changes in the capillaries of the retina cause visual impairment and subsequently can lead to blindness. Damage to the capillaries of the glomeruli of the kidneys disrupts their basic functions…
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How does diabetes affect joints?

Diabetes mellitus is associated with metabolic disorders, so the cartilage in diabetics is more likely to age and deteriorate. Due to impaired blood circulation during vasoconstriction, the innervation of muscles and ligaments is disturbed, lack of nutrition negatively affects their main function – to fix and strengthen the joints. In addition, excess glucose builds up on…
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Impact of diabetes on heart function

Diabetes mellitus is one of the causes of diseases of the cardiovascular system. In turn, heart failure aggravates the course of diabetes mellitus. Heart lesions are frequent and unfavorable in terms of the prognosis of complications of diabetes mellitus. In such patients, coronary insufficiency comes to the fore. Let’s consider the main features of heart lesions in diabetes.…
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Acne: Causes and Treatment Methods

Acne or acne is a common skin condition characterized by blockage and inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Acne is chronic and manifests itself mainly in puberty, while the active stage of the disease can last up to 25-30 years. In older adults, acne can occur with various diseases of the endocrine system, including Cushing’s syndrome…
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How does diabetes affect the eyes?

Diabetes mellitus and vision are interrelated, since an excess of glucose in the blood leads to the destruction of blood vessels (and the appearance of new ones) in the eyeballs, clouding of the lens, and retinal detachment. Most often, diabetics develop retinopathy , cataracts, and glaucoma. The progression of these pathologies can be stopped, as well as complete blindness…
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