Month: October 2021

Life tips with Diabetes, Lifestyle, Food & Drinks.

Frequent urination with diabetes

Diabetes is not an instantaneous disease. Its symptoms develop gradually. It is bad that many people often do not pay attention to the first signs or attribute them to other diseases. The diagnosis is made by a doctor, taking into account the patient’s complaints and the results of a blood sugar test. But the person himself may suspect diabetes…
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Itching as a symptom of diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a pathological process for the body. With such a disease, natural filters (liver, kidneys) cannot do their job. As a result, the body is overfilled with harmful decay products, toxins. The vascular system’s natural ability to cleanse itself is completely blocked. Metabolism not only changes, it causes a hormonal “storm” and introduces an imbalance in the…
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Losing weight with diabetes can be a symptom of diabetes

If a woman sees that she has lost a significant amount of kilogram, there will be no limit to her happiness. And hardly anyone in her place will think: is this normal at all? If you lose significant weight without diet, exercise, fitness, this is not a reason for a good mood. Rather, it is an urgent…
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Causes of nausea and vomiting

Diabetes mellitus causes serious disturbances and changes in the functioning of the whole organism. First of all, the digestive system is affected, because it is she who is engaged in the “supply” of the necessary enzymes for nourishing the blood. SD has many signs, but people tend to often overlook them. Vomiting and nausea are frequent companions…
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Why do you smell like acetone?

Diabetes mellitus has many faces. He has an impressive number of manifestations and hypostases. It can be limited to single symptoms or “please” the patient with a whole bunch of clinical signs. One of the important signals, indicating with a significant degree of probability the presence of a disease, will be discussed below. Acetone in the body: where…
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