Month: February 2021

Life tips with Diabetes, Lifestyle, Food & Drinks.

How to understand that you are starting diabetes? Explains the endocrinologist

Endocrinologist Valentina Shutova on what diabetes mellitus is, how do the two types of disease differ from each other, and by what signs can one understand that problems begin? Valentina Shutova,endocrinologist of the highest category Diabetes mellitus is a syndrome in which there is a chronic increase in blood sugar in the human body. The disease…
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“If diabetes is diagnosed early , there is every chance of getting rid of it or maintaining a good quality of life.”

“According to statistics , there are about 270 thousand people with diabetes in Belarus. About the same number of people suffer from it in a latent form. 95% of all patients have type 2 diabetes, which is associated in most cases with overweight. ”   Vladimir LapaDeputy Director of ALC ” Seisimed “, endocrinologist A little about the disease In simple and understandable terms, diabetes is…
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Avitaminosis and diabetes mellitus: what causes the blood vessels in the eyes to burst?

Sometimes, forgetting to go to bed on time or after watching a movie, we find redness of the eyes and blood vessels bursting in them. Fortunately, few people face the problem of bursting capillaries in the eyes. This state of the vessels is accompanied by redness and discomfort in the form of burning, because blood flows…
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More people with diabetes in Belarus

At the beginning of 2012, almost 224 thousand people were registered in Belarus suffering from this disease, of which 1.5 thousand were children. Diabetes is diagnosed in 21-22 thousand people annually. In 93% of patients with diabetes mellitus of the second type, in 5% – of the first type, the rest were diagnosed with other specific forms of this…
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WHO forecast: by 2040, one in ten will have diabetes

The seminar was attended by more than 120 health professionals in the field of endocrinology, endocrinologists and therapists who are directly involved in teaching the self-control of patients with diabetes. The problem of diabetes mellitus is relevant and poses a number of tasks for the country’s medicine. The most important of these are: achieving glycemic control…
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