Month: April 2021

Life tips with Diabetes, Lifestyle, Food & Drinks.

A few words about historical facts and schools of diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a worldwide disease.    Recently ill patients or parents of children suffering from diabetes mellitus experience great inconvenience. They all feel extremely confused and uncomfortable. Every person who first learns about his illness becomes a witness to a whole gamut of conflicting feelings, which includes misunderstanding, loneliness, anger, aggression. Often, after such information, it is quite difficult for…
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What is diabetes mellitus? what is the difference between insulin-independent and insulinosis- dependent diabetes mellitus

What is diabetes mellitus? Try to answer yourself. Remember what the doctor told you when you first came to your appointment? Probably, to pass urine and blood tests. Both urine and blood sugar were found to be high. Then you were diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. In an ordinary person, blood sugar levels vary within a certain strict range, but in urine…
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Diabetes mellitus: questions and answers

Diabetes mellitus – what is it? – Consistently high blood sugar. It so happens that a patient diagnosed with diabetes mellitus has a blood sugar level not exceeding critical levels, it turns out that as if there is no illness, and if not, then there are no complications / consequences. In other words, diabetes mellitus in this…
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What is human blood sugar?

Where does blood sugar come from? There are two sources of increased blood sugar levels: carbohydrates from food and glucose from the liver. The liver is a storehouse (depot) of sugar in the body. Therefore, it is impossible to achieve a decrease in blood sugar levels only by limiting carbohydrate intake . In such conditions, the liver will simply increase…
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Here’s the cornerstone of all the basics: measure sugar – get healthy!

How to exercise self-control for people suffering from diabetes? If this is the first type of diabetes mellitus, it is imperative to control blood sugar. This also applies to insulin-dependent patients.     Usually, special strips are used for measurements, which are coated with a chemical reagent. Before the introduction of insulin, the analysis itself is carried out. The use of devices…
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