A few words about historical facts and schools of diabetes mellitus

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A few words about historical facts and schools of diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a worldwide disease.  

 Recently ill patients or parents of children suffering from diabetes mellitus experience great inconvenience. They all feel extremely confused and uncomfortable. Every person who first learns about his illness becomes a witness to a whole gamut of conflicting feelings, which includes misunderstanding, loneliness, anger, aggression. Often, after such information, it is quite difficult for him to find contact with people around him, conflicts arise with relatives, difficulties arise associated with taking medications for diabetes.

This situation in many cases arises due to the fact that the patient or the parents of a baby suffering from diabetes mellitus have no idea what to do after leaving the clinic where the diagnosis was made. The current system of care and support for people with this disease may not be able to provide adequate mental comfort for people with this disease.

What are these schools, where are their origins? Now we will become participants in a small excursion.

Let’s start with history. The first mentions of diabetes mellitus appeared in Ancient Egypt in 170 BC. Doctors of that time did their best to find a universal treatment for diabetes mellitus. But since the cause of the disease was unknown to them, all patients died. This went on for centuries. 

And at the end of the 19th century, doctors conducted an experiment in which the pancreas was removed from a dog. Because of this, the dog developed diabetes mellitus. It seemed that the cause of diabetes had finally become apparent, but only after a few years in 1921 in Canada, two young doctors were able to isolate a special substance from the pancreas of a dog. It was able to lower blood sugar levels in animals suffering from diabetes. This was the discovery of insulin. In the winter of 1922, a person was first injected with insulin, which helped save his life. 

A few years after the discovery of insulin, doctors began to think that diabetes is a special way of life. And to assimilate new information, the patient needs to learn as much as possible about this disease. At this time, schools for people suffering from diabetes began to appear. Now all over the world, patients have a unique opportunity to gain new knowledge about the disease, due to which they can live a full life. Russia also has such educational institutions. In Moscow, for example, since 1989 such a school of psychophysical self-regulation has been operating for people suffering from diabetes mellitus. Doctors advise, if possible, to visit different schools, maybe you will like some of them more than others. In addition, based on world medical experience, it can be concluded that training in such educational institutions is better to repeat every two to three years.

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