Month: June 2022

Life tips with Diabetes, Lifestyle, Food & Drinks.

How should public organizations work and protect their rights to quality medical care? All-Russian Congress of Patients

Friends, at the end of November I visited the IX All-Russian Congress of Patients. Now, having digested all the information, I am ready to share my impressions and useful materials! Useful for those who are interested in how to improve the work of the patient organization, protect drug rights and interact with insurance companies. Living…
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Diacont urea cream : opinion after 10 days of use

Taking conventional cosmetics or “recommended for diabetes” is a good question. In the Made for Sweet People project, bloggers test products to prove or disprove manufacturers’ claims. Today we are talking about Diacont urea cream . mirabela Kopaliani used it for 10 days and is ready to tell if it is worth the money. Diacont…
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Well-groomed legs with diabetes: diamum’s opinion about Diacont urea cream

My readers know well that Ostap’s legs are a weak spot. This year, we had to contact a podiatrist several times to solve various problems. Ostap also plays basketball, the topic of “corns” and “sore legs” is very, very close to us. In the Made for Sweet People project, we tested Diacont urea cream .…
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Glucometer Diacont Compact: pros and cons – three different opinions

Budget glucometer Diacont has been tested by a member of the “Made for Sweet People” project. Diabloggers tell in detail what they liked and what they didn’t like . The stripes are the same, but you are different! This text is dedicated to fans of accuracy and economy. A couple of years ago, a little…
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Overview of the glucometer Diacont Compact by diamama and accuracy comparison with Dexcom

novelty – a glucometer – came under the gaze of diabloggers Diacont Compact. 5 devices went to different cities of Russia, where for 21 days the participants of the “Made for Sweet People” project studied, tested and compared the main friend of self-control. Read the article about the verdict passed by diamama Susanna and her…
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