Well-groomed legs with diabetes: diamum’s opinion about Diacont urea cream

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Well-groomed legs with diabetes: diamum’s opinion about Diacont urea cream

My readers know well that Ostap’s legs are a weak spot. This year, we had to contact a podiatrist several times to solve various problems. Ostap also plays basketball, the topic of “corns” and “sore legs” is very, very close to us. In the Made for Sweet People project, we tested Diacont urea cream . I share my son’s experience and mine. Yes, yes, I also tried this product on myself!

After all the executions, we keep a close eye on Ostap’s legs. Diacont cream was used with great pleasure, every evening.

The consistency is pleasant – the cream is not greasy. The smell is unobtrusive.

During the testing of the cream, Ostap did not have any problems with his legs. We used the cream just for care, so I won’t write about the “miraculous” effect for a sweet person! 😊

But! I have an effect! With the advent of cold weather, my feet turned into a “desert”! I decided to use the #diacont cream, and after the first application, the dryness was gone! Well-groomed legs returned to me! Now I use it periodically, so I recommend the cream. On the Internet, the cream costs around 150-180 rubles for a package of 75 ml.

It says on the tube that it was produced in the city of Ramenskoye, Moscow Region – our neighbors!

Diacont cream is specially designed for daily care of dry, rough and cracked skin on the feet. It has disinfectant properties, moisturizes and softens the skin. The composition includes natural ingredients, which reduces the risk of irritation and allergic reactions.

Cream Diacont promotes:

  • healing of microcracks;
  • soft and effective exfoliation of the keratinized layer of the skin;
  • getting rid of calluses and corns;
  • elimination of pain.

Diacont cream is a daily use product that gently cares for the skin and, in combination with preventive measures, reduces the risk of diabetic foot syndrome.

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