How do you maintain a state of calm in the realities of modern life?

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How do you maintain a state of calm in the realities of modern life?

Crazy rhythm, a lot of things to do, stress at work, financial difficulties, worries about loved ones, relationships with the opposite sex, negative emotions. We are surrounded by stress everywhere and it has become too much lately, especially in the last six months when the COVID-19 pandemic started. Everything around us is changing at a furious speed, people are worried about themselves and their loved ones, plans are falling apart, financial problems are coming….

Stress has become the scourge of modern man… and the catalyst for many negative processes that affect both your physical health and social well-being.

Modern physiologists say that it is normal for humans to experience stress. Such situations shape our reactions, mobilize the body’s defenses, build character and the ability to quickly adapt to surrounding changes.

However, there is one big BUT! What can we do if we are in such a state all the time? We know, for example, how important it is to exercise, to keep fit, to be healthy and attractive. But we also know that after each workout our body needs rest and recovery time. If periods of rest and exercise are alternated, our athletic performance improves. Now let’s imagine that you are training constantly, with breaks only for eating and sleeping. It is easy to guess what your condition will be then: chronic fatigue, lack of sleep, weakness, pain, loss of interest in life, exacerbation of various diseases and the emergence of new ones.

It is exactly the same with stress.

Constant nervous tension is a direct path to depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, changes in behavior.
In addition, the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular systems suffer, the condition of hair and skin deteriorates, and weight problems begin. It is known that, for example, stress is one of the main causes of gastric and duodenal ulcers. It turns out that a person in this situation as if “burns” himself from the inside. Agree, not the best life scenario.

Stress can be turned off!

But how to fight it? How to learn how to turn off stress and not wait for the nervous system to be exhausted? “After all, it’s not like I can’t control my stressful situations! “Often something happens suddenly, after all, if I had my will, I would never allow stressful situations to occur!” – you’ll say. And you’d be right.

Our whole life is our actions, which are superimposed on various external circumstances, sometimes beyond our control. It is like a cold: some people wrap themselves from head to toe, do not use public transportation, drink vitamins, get vaccinations, avoid public events, but still get sick. And some – lead an active life, communicate every day with a lot of people, do not take medication – and walk around cheerfully, at least once sneezed. It all depends on the case, and on the ability of the body to resist infection. And it, in turn, is determined by both physical and psycho-emotional state.

It’s much the same with stress. There is a way out, though. It is not to withdraw from the world around us and close in a concrete capsule, but to realize that in such situations you need to support yourself, and to know how to do it quickly and easily.

It would be naive to believe that scientists have invented a universal “stress pill” – take it and that’s it. However, modern remedies have recently begun to emerge. Their main goal is to support you and your body, reduce stress reactions, strengthen and restore the nervous system, the site will help you in this

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