Month: September 2019

Life tips with Diabetes, Lifestyle, Food & Drinks.

Diabetes mellitus: causes

“Why did I have diabetes specifically?” – this question is especially relevant for patients who have disciplined to observe the most stringent principles of proper nutrition until the onset of the disease. The parental edification that has been remembered by many since childhood “you don’t eat a lot of sweets, otherwise you will get sick with diabetes”, in…
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Coma for diabetes

Comas in diabetes are extremely serious conditions that are complications of diabetes. His life depends on how quickly such a patient will be helped. Therefore, every patient with diabetes should know about what types of lumps can occur with this disease, what are their main symptoms and first aid. The relatives of the patient should also know about what acute…
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Is it possible to live a normal life with diabetes?

Is it possible to live a normal life with diabetes, or does the whole existence of a person after such a diagnosis is determined by injections, pills, a strict diet and total restrictions? This is the question most people ask themselves who have heard this diagnosis from a doctor for the first time. Of course, diabetes mellitus is…
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