Is it possible to live a normal life with diabetes?

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Is it possible to live a normal life with diabetes?

Is it possible to live a normal life with diabetes, or does the whole existence of a person after such a diagnosis is determined by injections, pills, a strict diet and total restrictions? This is the question most people ask themselves who have heard this diagnosis from a doctor for the first time.

Of course, diabetes mellitus is a serious disease, and in no case should you ignore the recommendations of doctors. This can provoke in a person such serious conditions as ketoacidosis, hypoglycemic and other types of coma. However, putting an end to yourself is also not worth it. There are many people with diabetes in the world who continue to lead an active lifestyle, work, get married, have children and play sports.  

The main task of a person with diabetes is to accept this diagnosis, put up with the fact that he is forever, and slightly adjust his lifestyle, taking into account all the recommendations of doctors. Thus, he will be able to maintain health and activity for many years.

Some questions that concern diabetes patients the most

  • Can I do sports with diabetes?

Sure you may. Not only possible, but necessary. It is sports that will help to maintain a good figure, not to gain excess weight and thus not to aggravate the course of diabetes. Excess weight provokes insulin resistance, that is, tissue insensitivity to insulin. However, it must be remembered that playing sports can provoke a hypoglycemic state, so it is always necessary to have a piece of sugar, bread or a pie on hand.

  • Is it possible to give birth to a healthy child with diabetes?

This question worries all young women who have diabetes before they have a baby. Theoretically, the diagnosis of diabetes is not an absolute contraindication to bearing a child. However, pregnancy in such a woman should be planned. Before conception, it is necessary to discuss with the endocrinologist his plans so that he prescribes an examination for complications in the form of retinopathy, pathology of the kidneys and blood vessels, and hypertension. If these complications are not present, or their degree is insignificant, carrying is possible. Insulin injections do not harm the baby. Maintaining a normal sugar level throughout pregnancy, a woman has the opportunity to endure and give birth to a healthy baby.  

  • Is it possible to eat varied and tasty with diabetes, or is a strict diet now for life?

The problem with diabetes is associated with a violation of carbohydrate metabolism, and it is the level of carbohydrates that needs to be controlled and insulin administered based on how much carbohydrate food you plan to eat. Fats, proteins, trace elements and vitamins do not affect diabetes in any way. They can be consumed in the amount that you want. And to prepare delicious dishes from these products is quite possible. Of course, it is worth limiting the amount of animal fats and salt, but these recommendations apply to absolutely all people, including healthy people.

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