Month: October 2020

Life tips with Diabetes, Lifestyle, Food & Drinks.

Does beer increase sugar? Beer for type 2 diabetes

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a disease that requires a strict adjustment of the patient’s diet. It is almost impossible to reorganize to a new diet at the moment, since a person does not immediately wean from old habits. More often this applies to the use of alcoholic beverages. Beer is a common product loved by…
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Diet for insulin-dependent diabetes: how to lose weight? Personal experience

Good day! My name is Dmitry Koval, I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for 15 years already. The beginning of injections is a new starting point in the life of every person with diabetes. My life demanded dramatic changes, and the first thing I started to monitor my own body weight. Thoughtlessly copying the diets prescribed on the…
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Diet for type 1 and type 2 diabetes: how to lose weight?

Not only beauty requires weight loss with diabetes. This factor is especially important for patients in the context of health and disease containment. It has long been proven that with excess weight less than 15%, diabetes develops extremely rarely, and if such a person does develop the disease, then it stays in remission longer and does not…
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Apples for a diabetic: is it possible with type 2 diabetes?

Russian orchards have always been rich in apples. Given their quantity and availability, so many dishes and preparations are made from the fruits that then they do not know where to put all the good produced. Well, in the fresh version, they begin to be used, and in large quantities. Diabetics often think that the acidity of a…
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What is a diabetic coma? Varieties, symptoms, first aid

The normal functioning of many organs and systems of the human body largely depends on the production of insulin by the pancreas. The slightest failure in the synthesis of the hormone leads to a change in important blood parameters, a violation of protein and water metabolism of cells. It is especially important to maintain insulin levels for…
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Bay leaf for type 2 diabetes mellitus: decoction recipe, reviews

Diabetes is an insidious disease, in severe cases and if untreated, it often leads to disability. With a prolonged course of diabetes, a person often develops many chronic and very serious diseases, which slowly but surely nullify his life path. The patient who has been diagnosed with this disease must change his lifestyle to combat the disease. Diabetes…
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