Diacont urea cream : opinion after 10 days of use

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Diacont urea cream : opinion after 10 days of use

Taking conventional cosmetics or “recommended for diabetes” is a good question. In the Made for Sweet People project, bloggers test products to prove or disprove manufacturers’ claims. Today we are talking about Diacont urea cream . mirabela Kopaliani used it for 10 days and is ready to tell if it is worth the money.

Diacont foot cream was very pleased. It is pleasant, with a medium texture, does not leave a sticky feeling and has a barely noticeable smell. I also like that it spreads well on the skin and is quite economical. From the warmth of the hands it becomes like milk for the body, and in order for everything to be absorbed, you will have to wait 2-3 minutes. But most importantly, Diacont cream perfectly moisturizes the skin of the legs.

The package says to use twice a day – morning and evening. I applied it on my legs only in the evenings after a shower – the effect is excellent!
My feet tend to be dry. Before using the cream, there were some problems – dry heels and slight peeling along the edges of the foot. Calluses are also a familiar picture. Cream Diacont was able to cope with this in just 1.5 weeks, and I used it half as much as the manufacturer recommends. Now I can boast of soft skin without any peeling. The packaging also says that the cream helps to eliminate pain. I have no such problems, so I can not say anything about this.

In general, I highly recommend! The price for a tube of 75 ml is about 130 rubles.

Diacont cream is specially designed for daily care of dry, rough and cracked skin on the feet. It has disinfectant properties, moisturizes and softens the skin. The composition includes natural ingredients, which reduces the risk of irritation and allergic reactions.
Diacont cream promotes: • healing
of microcracks; • gentle and effective exfoliation of the stratum corneum; • getting rid of calluses and corns; • eliminating pain . reduces the risk of diabetic foot syndrome.

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