Glucometer Diacont Compact: pros and cons – three different opinions

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Glucometer Diacont Compact: pros and cons – three different opinions

Budget glucometer Diacont has been tested by a member of the “Made for Sweet People” project. Diabloggers tell in detail what they liked and what they didn’t like .

The stripes are the same, but you are different! This text is dedicated to fans of accuracy and economy.

A couple of years ago, a little white Diacont appeared on the shelves , which pleased its owners with cute faces. And just as upset when the indicators of the SC were above the norm. In addition to the interface, everyone was attracted by the price of the test strips, which makes it one of the best glucometers for people who often measure blood sugar levels.

Years go by, and then you realize that the glucometer is too large, despite the integration of all medical equipment . Immediately, a compact Diacont appears on the shelves , which fits into a small pocket. Now it’s definitely a shame not to keep track of your sugars, arguing that it’s not convenient to carry all the equipment with you.

One of the advantages of the new Diacont is the same test strips at the same affordable price.

From myself I will add that for such a diabetic maniac like me, accuracy in measurements is important! With this, the baby Diacont Compact copes with “Hurrah!”, as his friends say – glucometers , sensors and laboratories!

Friends, I tested the glucometer and am ready to share my impressions. I can say that the new model is just as great as the previous one. But, more than that, you get an additional “bun” – a more ergonomic, beautiful and comfortable design. The device takes up very little space in the bag. The Diacont compact is the perfect travel companion.

By the way, now the manufacturer produces universal budget test strips. If you are a user of the base model, then the updated consumables will suit you too.
It is very convenient that it does not make a sound if the sugar is not within the normal range. It used to give me inconvenience when measuring sugar in pairs. What about the accuracy of measurements? During the testing period, I compared it with the previous model and with OneTouch select . I want to say that readings with OneTouch Select were different, about 2-3 mmol . But I’m more focused on Diacont . When the sugar was within 3.3, then both glucometers showed the same. And I noticed that the readings of my OneTouch Select is at odds with all glucometers !

For all the time of use, the glucometer has never failed – it works like a Swiss watch. I like it and budget !

In my long years with diabetes, I have tried different glucometers . A lot of things are important to me: the first is the accuracy and availability of the strips, then the design and additional

functions. I’ve been using a glucometer for the last year. one touch Verio . Absolutely everything suits me in it, but for the sake of the experiment I tried a glucometer Diacont .
The first thing that turned out to be very uncomfortable for me, in comparison with OneTouch Verio – no backlight. I also had trouble setting the date and time. Of course, I looked at the instructions and changed everything, but I want to do everything with one button. I was also very surprised by the overestimated result. My glucometer also overestimates a little, in comparison with laboratory tests. The Diacont score was even higher.
I also tested it in the field. I took him outside, and he froze there. I couldn’t conduct a study on it, it’s good that I took my glucometer . Then I tried to measure sugar twice, but it gave an error.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get along with him. But this, of course, is only my experience, maybe it will be convenient for someone.

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