Overview of the glucometer Diacont Compact by diamama and accuracy comparison with Dexcom

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Overview of the glucometer Diacont Compact by diamama and accuracy comparison with Dexcom

novelty – a glucometer – came under the gaze of diabloggers Diacont Compact. 5 devices went to different cities of Russia, where for 21 days the participants of the “Made for Sweet People” project studied, tested and compared the main friend of self-control. Read the article about the verdict passed by diamama Susanna and her son Ostap.

Well, friends, I’ll tell you about another project that Os and I got involved in!

What is it? We were sent several parcels with products made especially for sweet people. New glucometer , creams, oral care products and sugar-free foods. We have been trying this product for three weeks, and we are ready to tell you about our impressions! Completely independent opinion!
Of all of the above, I was familiar with only one product, but let’s talk about everything in order.

Glucometer #diacont.

Ostap has 24-hour #dexcom monitoring, so there is no need for frequent blood sugar measurements. He uses a glucometer no more than 4 times a day .

Among the glucometers , we have our favorites – Kontur TS and Kontur Plus. We always trust their data unconditionally.

Let’s get back to #diacont.

glucometer outwardly – small, compact handbag. I was somewhat surprised by the test strips – we have not seen such large ones yet.

The kit also comes with a lancing device, lancets and control solution.
The instructions say that before you start using the meter , you need to check its factory settings with control solution.

As you can see in the video, the glucometer passed the test, the result falls within the control range.

For the purity of the experiment, we decided to measure Ostap’s blood sugar level with 3 different glucometers :

  • Dexcom 4.9
  • One touch Verio IQ 6.7
  • Diacont 4.7
  • Contour TS 6.1

The result surprised. After consulting with my son, we awarded the victory to #diacont, because it was as close as possible to #dexcom data.

But it’s too early to rejoice. In the 3 weeks that we used the new glucometer , it was caught “lying” several times – when the data was very different from #dexcom. Ostap pricked his fingers repeatedly, and the difference between the readings and #diacont was a few mmol. For example, on #dexcom 7.2, #diacont showed first 3.9, then 5.4, and #contour – 7.0.

What conclusions have we made over time?

#diacont is a good glucometer . Cute, small. Gives results in 6 seconds. Close to correct data!
I think I will not open America if I say that many sweet people choose their glucometers according to two criteria:

1. Those that give out free test strips.
2. Those with inexpensive test strips.

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