Here’s the cornerstone of all the basics: measure sugar – get healthy!

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Here’s the cornerstone of all the basics: measure sugar – get healthy!

How to exercise self-control for people suffering from diabetes? If this is the first type of diabetes mellitus, it is imperative to control blood sugar. This also applies to insulin-dependent patients.    

Usually, special strips are used for measurements, which are coated with a chemical reagent. Before the introduction of insulin, the analysis itself is carried out.

The use of devices for measuring blood sugar and special strips requires strict adherence to the instructions, otherwise the results may be inaccurate. All patients need to be extremely careful during the procedure.

Including, when using test strips, it is necessary to time the time using a clock with a stopwatch. Use tissue paper or cotton wool to blot the blood on the test strip. Otherwise, the results will be inaccurate, especially if blood sugar aggregates are used.

Many modern devices that exist today do not require a person to control time or blotting blood from a test strip. When using them, a drop of blood is applied to the strip and after 1-4 minutes the obtained blood sugar level data is displayed.

The ease and comfort of using such devices among patients make them very popular in comparison with similar methods of self-control. Indeed, in this case, only the device itself and a couple of strips are needed so that at any time the patient can quickly determine the blood sugar level. This contributes to a more relaxed and comfortable lifestyle among people with diabetes mellitus. 

The meter is so elementary that even children can use it. There is a very small devices taking up space around like a purse.

Blood from a finger: how to take it right? Now there are automatic handles for practically painless finger pricking. If you do not own such a pen, follow certain rules. The most painless injection will be when using a triangular lancet, but not at all the one that is used in a regular district clinic.   

Such a lancet is made independently from a pen-syringe or a thin needle for an insulin syringe. Note the illustration which shows a 2mm cut from the top of the cap.

The injection is performed not in the “pads” of the fingers, but in their lateral surfaces. Such blood sampling is less painful. You can draw blood from any finger other than the index and thumb. It is best to use all six fingers on both hands.

When should I measure my blood sugar? The check is best done before meals (lunch, breakfast, dinner). In addition, it is necessary to monitor blood sugar levels in cases of deteriorating health and before bedtime. Only regular monitoring of the patient’s blood sugar level will help to establish the necessary dose of insulin, corresponding to your rhythm of life and food intake.     

A 10-year study in the United States (DCCT) showed that in order to achieve a normal result, blood sugar should be measured three to four times a day. If you do this fewer times, the course of the disease, as a rule, worsens significantly.

A daily self-monitoring diary will help you establish your individual insulin requirements. The following should be recorded: the blood sugar level at each measurement before meals, the daily dose of insulin, the volume of bread units (you will learn about this in the next article).

In addition, the diary provides a special chapter for entering data on the consumption of alcoholic beverages, fever, hypoglycemia, and the appearance of acetone.


Date/day of weekBreakfastDinnerDinnerSugar levelin bloodat 22:00 – 23:00 Notes
 Sc .Jn.YESc .Jn.YESc .Jn.YE  
May 1, Monday           
2 May, Tuesday           
May 3, Wednesday           
4 May, Thursday           
5 May, Friday           
6 May, Saturday           
May 7, Sunday           

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes for a long time, start journaling now. It will only take a few months, and you will understand what dose of insulin you need in each specific situation. After that, you can forget about the diary. However, in the beginning, he will become your reliable assistant.  

If you have type 2 diabetes, use reactive strips about two hours after eating. It is important to understand what happened to the body during breakfast, lunch or dinner.  

Sugar in the urine indicates that you have not been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes sports and a special diet. Remember, losing weight will mean getting rid of type 2 diabetes for you.

If you have difficult cases, you should definitely measure your blood sugar level. In a journal, record the amount of food and pills taken, as well as blood and urine sugar levels. During the appointment, the doctor will look at your diary and discuss with you all questions and problems related to the course of the disease.

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