More people with diabetes in Belarus

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More people with diabetes in Belarus

At the beginning of 2012, almost 224 thousand people were registered in Belarus suffering from this disease, of which 1.5 thousand were children. Diabetes is diagnosed in 21-22 thousand people annually. In 93% of patients with diabetes mellitus of the second type, in 5% – of the first type, the rest were diagnosed with other specific forms of this disease.  

The increase in the number of patients with diabetes mellitus is noted in all countries of the world. Since 2000 alone, the number of patients has increased from 100 million to 300 million, according to doctors’ forecasts, this figure will reach 450 million by 2025. In Belarus, an increase in primary and general morbidity is noted due to type 2 diabetes , which usually affects the adult population. In addition to the fact that many people already have a burdened heredity, significant risk factors for the development of this disease are overweight, bad habits, a sedentary lifestyle and chronic stress. 

Among non-communicable diseases, diabetes is rapidly coming to the fore; in the 21st century, it has acquired the scale of an epidemic given the early disability of patients, a significant decrease in their quality of life, and high mortality due to severe complications. The main causes of death of such patients are cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, as well as chronic renal failure and atherosclerosis, in addition, in patients with diabetes mellitus, the risk of developing such severe complications as gangrene of the lower extremities and blindness increases several times.       

World Diabetes Day is celebrated in November , and during various events, many people in healthcare facilities will be asked to either fill out a 10-year risk assessment questionnaire or donate blood for glucose or glycated hemoglobin testing . Doctors urge all people to be especially attentive to the risk of developing this disease and not to neglect preventive examination.  

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