Causes of nausea and vomiting

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Causes of nausea and vomiting

Diabetes mellitus causes serious disturbances and changes in the functioning of the whole organism. First of all, the digestive system is affected, because it is she who is engaged in the “supply” of the necessary enzymes for nourishing the blood. SD has many signs, but people tend to often overlook them.

Vomiting and nausea are frequent companions of the disease and sometimes only they can indicate problems with glucose. But people are accustomed to referring them to gastric disorders, and they are in no hurry to treat them.
These symptoms are often found in other diseases, therefore, without clinical tests, it is impossible to accurately assert the cause. However, with frequent vomiting, a doctor is needed, since such signs appear in complex and dangerous diseases.  

Why does nausea and vomiting appear The reasons for these phenomena 

In general, an attack of vomiting is a phenomenon based only on reflexes. With the help of nausea, the body gets rid of various unnecessary things that prevent it from functioning normally.

In cases with diabetes mellitus, this may be a sign of a serious poisoning of the body, its intoxication. This happens when there is an excess of glucose in the blood or an acute shortage. The liver and pancreas cannot cope with the normalization of the process, the blood turns into a kind of acetone. 

The cause may be a disease such as gastroparesis. With this disease, the motility of the gastrointestinal tract is disturbed, the digestion process stops, the body is abnormally quickly saturated. Gastroparesis always manifests itself in the same way:

  • earlier satiety during meals;
  • belching, severe heartburn;
  • poor appetite;
  • weight loss;
  • with bouts of vomiting, food comes out undigested;
  • fermentation, bloating.

Even if a person does not have a diagnosis of diabetes, but there are similar symptoms, it is necessary to consult a gastroenterologist. A pre-diabetic form is not excluded, in which there are periodic interruptions in sugar levels.

If the doctor confirms, think carefully: is it worth treating. Since the treatment will unambiguously form normal diabetes. But without it, it is quite possible to avoid this, since the initial form is easily stopped by home remedies.

Hypoglycemia can also cause vomiting. This is a dangerous condition that often provokes coma and even death. This phenomenon occurs when blood sugar drops to critical levels. There are several reasons for it:

  • improper diet, which does not provide saturation and does not bring the necessary substances;
  • insulin;
  • taking medications that actively stimulate the production of the same insulin.

How to get rid of unpleasant symptoms?

First of all, you need to take two steps:

  1. Visit a gastroenterologist and endocrinologist;
  2. Monitor your diet and sugar levels.

Despite the fact that insulin is necessary for treatment, its intake must be carefully monitored and the dosage calculated strictly in relation to the current sugar level. A short jab of insulin is recommended, and large doses are best divided into several jumps.

Sample table of short insulin:

  • if the sugar is higher than 16.5 mmol – 6 units of insulin;
  • if the level is 12 – 16.5 mmol – 4 units;
  • if the level is up to 12 mmol – 2 units.

If we are talking about the introduction of 6 units or more, then it should be divided into two injections: 3 by 3 or 4 by 2. So you can quickly moderate sugar and avoid the risk of overdose with subsequent doses of the medicine. Do not forget to constantly monitor the sugar value!

  • In the presence of hypoglycemia, it is useful to have a supply of a weak solution of baking soda. Two liters should be drunk to eliminate acidosis. In the evening, use the remainder for a cleansing enema.
  • For gastroparesis, antibiotics, antiemetic drugs, and drugs are used to improve the contraction of the stomach itself. The scheme is selected only individually. It is good to take Cerucal from vomiting, and if you drink liquid, the action is faster and more powerful. The ampoule is simply opened and the contents are drunk.
  • If there are blockages in the stomach from undigested food, then probing is necessary, which will allow the introduction of special preparations for resorption.

Vomiting is unpleasant in itself, in the case of diabetes, it is also dangerous because it can be a sign of severe conditions for diabetics. Only constant control of sugar, a strict attitude to your diet can bring benefits and relief.

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