Losing weight with diabetes can be a symptom of diabetes

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Losing weight with diabetes can be a symptom of diabetes

If a woman sees that she has lost a significant amount of kilogram, there will be no limit to her happiness.

And hardly anyone in her place will think: is this normal at all? If you lose significant weight without diet, exercise, fitness, this is not a reason for a good mood. Rather, it is an urgent indication to visit doctors and, above all, an endocrinologist.

Normally, a healthy body is a stable and balanced “machine” where all the “gears” work harmoniously, without causing any fluctuations. If something is disturbed in the body, defense mechanisms are triggered, whose task is to stabilize the process. This happens when blood glucose levels begin to change.

Normally, the pancreas is responsible for the uniform supply of glucose, it is insured by the liver. If the gland does not release the required amount of insulin into the bloodstream, an excess of sugar is formed, the liver cells extract the excess and crystallize into a reserve. 

But this is only possible with minor imbalances. But if you are losing weight and do not see a reason for this, this is a dangerous symptom of diabetes. It is possible to diagnose diabetes mellitus only in a clinical setting, so a visit to an endocrinologist is mandatory.

At what rate of weight loss should you sound the alarm. Why is this a sign of diabetes?

Normally, a person’s weight can fluctuate up to a maximum of 5 kg. Sometimes weight increases after heavy holidays, sometimes after holidays. In any case, this value is quite normal and does not require intervention.

But with the development of diabetes mellitus, a person can lose up to 20 kg of their weight in a matter of weeks. Of course, the loss of such a value when oversupplied will bring physical relief. It will become easier to breathe, easier to walk, and in general, the general condition will improve.

Only this weight loss is not considered healthy, even if you are on a diet. Correct weight loss, without stress, the body should not exceed 5 kg per month. With the development of the disease, weight can literally melt before our eyes. It so happens that for a month the “donut” becomes literally skinny. This happens for two reasons:

  • autoimmune process . The body does not recognize its own cells, which should be responsible for the level of insulin itself. As a result, there is enough sugar in the blood, and glucose leaves the body in the urine;
  • lack of insulin . Because of this, the body blocks attempts to use glucose as an energy source. Then another source is urgently required and the body connects fat deposits. The necessary energy is extracted from these deposits, which leads to a rapid weight loss.

That is, the metabolism is completely disrupted, the natural nutrition of cells with the help of glucose is blocked. Fat cells release a lot of energy, but it burns out faster and the body requires new inputs. In such a circle, weight is lost at an abnormal rate. To the disappointment of diabetics, after proper treatment, the weight is completely restored.

For what reasons can there be a sharp weight loss, except for diabetes

In some cases, this indicates the presence of other diseases and problems in the body:

  • psychosomatics: prolonged depression, psychosis, neuroses;
  • hormonal background. Hyperthyroidism is characterized by dramatic weight loss;
  • disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • diseases of the gallbladder and pancreas;
  • infection, parasites: worms;
  • the presence of oncology;
  • blood diseases.

Knowing the main symptoms, you can first independently determine the probable problem.

For example, if the weight melts and there is prolonged stress, apathy, irritability, mood swings and appetite, then this is the road to a neuropsychiatrist. If weight loss is accompanied by cough, fever, weakness, then we can assume the presence of pleurisy or tuberculosis.
Bloating, colic, vomiting, epigastric pain, unstable stools or changes in stool density, pain on the left under the ribs or on the right – these are all signs of abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract.

Why drastic weight loss is dangerous

  1. First of all, this is a signal of serious destabilization of the body. Metabolic processes are disrupted, the incoming enzymes cease to be absorbed. But more dangerous is that the body begins to “pump” energy not from the fat itself, but from muscle tissue. By default, he perceives fat cells as something especially valuable and only consumes them when there is a significant lack of muscle tissue.
  2. Rapid weight loss often produces a more disastrous result: blood poisoning. Normally, the body evenly removes all harmful toxins and decay products. In case of violations, the process accelerates and all these harmful elements end up in the blood. In simple terms, the blood becomes acid, the level of intoxication is off scale and the chances of death increase.
  3. The gastrointestinal tract is seriously affected, which does not understand weight loss at all. The digestive system is the most capricious and conservative patient. Even minor changes can affect the motility of the stomach and intestines. And with rapid weight loss, the body also sharply weakens, which causes inflammation of the intestines itself, pancreatic and biliary dysfunction.
  4. Losing weight is a powerful blow to the liver. Only the liver controls fat cells, but when the body begins to massively destroy them to replenish energy, the liver ceases to cope.

How to restore normal weight with diabetes

The most important thing is to visit an endocrinologist, which is necessary for the specialist to prescribe the correct treatment to maintain control over blood sugar levels. Only by stabilizing glucose levels can you expect to improve your health and restore your normal weight. The dose may not be adjusted immediately, but over time. It takes time to determine the exact dosage for the patient’s comfort.

An important place in the life of a diabetic is a well-chosen diet. It will help you regain your original weight without additives.
Be sure to take into account a few basic recommendations:

  1. meals several times a day, regardless of hunger;
  2. the presence of an adequate number of carbohydrates is imperative;
  3. when choosing products, we rely on the glycemic index. A low value of the product is important, then assimilation and splitting will occur evenly;
  4. take hour walks a day.

In general, it is useful to take it as an axiom small strength training for muscle training. It can be tilting, swinging the press, push-ups. But you can go to fitness twice a week, just do not forget to tell the trainer about SD.

Weight recovery in diabetes mellitus may not occur immediately. Any fluctuation in weight with significant indicators is a powerful stress for the body. Therefore, it is important not to rush, let him rebuild, get used to the new state. Over time, the weight will take its place. It is important here to do everything progressively, observing the prescriptions for treatment. Otherwise, the weight will return with the “load” in the form of additional kilograms.

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