Enzyme C6 ( Ferment S6) – effective therapy for type 2 diabetes

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Enzyme C6 ( Ferment S6) – effective therapy for type 2 diabetes

The drug Enzyme C6 ( Ferment S6) is a popular product among the Customers of our store who suffer from type 2 diabetes. The secret of such popularity of this product is simple – it really helps to normalize blood glucose levels and maintain it in the normal range, thereby minimizing the development of various complications that occur with type 2 diabetes.

In this article, we want to tell you more about this drug and answer a number of frequently asked questions related to the effective use of Enzyme C6 in type 2 diabetes.

What’s inside the drug Enzyme C6 ( Ferment S6)?

Enzyme C6 ( Ferment S6) is a 100% natural preparation, which is based on a unique formula that combines the most effective stimulating effect of plant extracts on pancreatic cells to produce enough of your own insulin and for normal glucose uptake by body cells. It also normalizes high levels of triglycerides and cholesterol.

Enzyme C6 (type of packaging)

Phytoextract Enzyme C6 ( Ferment S6) is produced in the form of gelatin capsules containing active components of extracts of Jerusalem artichoke, blueberry, garlic, cinnamon, papaya, avocado, almond, mango, spinach, as well as vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

Enzyme C6 (description)

Due to the natural ingredients, the drug Ferment S6 can be taken for a long time, including with drug therapy.

How to take Enzyme C6 ( Ferment S6)?

For the most effective use of the drug, it is necessary to take into account several important factors that may have an impact on the action of the phytoextract Enzyme C6 ( Ferment S6):

  • Age and weight of the patient, as well as concomitant diseases.
  • The level of insulin resistance and the duration of the disease.
  • The severity of the course of the disease and the use of medical sugar -lowering drugs.

The main points to pay attention to when taking:

  • The maximum dose is 2 capsules per day. One capsule after breakfast and one before bed. While taking the drug, you must adhere to a diet. The last meal is recommended to be done no later than 18.00.
  • You should start taking the drug with one capsule at bedtime, to determine individual sensitivity to the drug.
  • If you accidentally overdose the drug (when your glucose level drops too low), you should eat something sweet ( Dextro Energy ) or drink sweet tea with honey.
  • If no other hypoglycemic drugs are taken, then in most cases it is enough to take one capsule at bedtime. Sometimes, with low sensitivity to the drug, you can add Metformin-500 of any manufacturer to the evening reception.
  • If you are already taking sugar -lowering drugs, then you cannot immediately stop them. This should be done gradually, reducing the dose of these drugs over 7-10 days. At this time, regular self-monitoring of blood glucose levels at least 8 times a day is very important.
  • With insulin therapy for type 2 diabetes, you can also take the drug Enzyme C6. This may help to reduce insulin doses, and in some cases completely refuse injections in the future. In this case, patients should especially strictly monitor the level of glucose in the blood and the doses of insulin used. Such therapy should be carried out under the supervision of the attending physician.

How long should I take Enzyme C6?

After a two-month course of administration, the glucose level returns to normal, however, we do not recommend immediately refusing to take Enzyme C6, the drug should be continued one capsule every other day or 1-2 times a week.

Remember that Enzyme C6 phytoextract is used only to normalize blood glucose levels and prevent the development of complications in type 2 diabetes. The drug does not eliminate the causes that caused the increase in blood sugar levels, and refusal to take the drug may provoke a second increase in blood glucose levels, which may be more difficult to normalize this time.

Enzyme C6 (contents) – 30 capsules

The drug Enzyme C6 ( Ferment S6) refers to the preparations of continuous use (like all other medications), so the patient must independently control the level of blood glucose, follow the diet recommended for patients with type 2 diabetes and maintain the necessary level of physical activity.

Factors affecting the effectiveness of the application

  • Alcohol intake sharply reduces the effectiveness of the drug Enzyme C6 ( Ferment S6).
  • Smoking also negatively affects blood circulation in your vessels.
  • The presence of a viral or bacterial infection in the body dramatically reduces the effectiveness of the drug Enzyme C6 ( Ferment S6).
  • Constant stress or severe short-term stress experienced increases blood glucose levels and reduces the effectiveness of the drug.

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