Which lancing pen lancet should I choose?

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Which lancing pen lancet should I choose?

On average, 5 finger pricks a day are done by a person with diabetes all his life. But this is not a sad story at all. Indeed, thanks to the fact that there are glucometers , we can find out our blood sugar at any time, which means: we stay healthy longer, we can afford sports of varying intensity, some harmful snacks , and anything in general – because sugar is under control. And lancets for piercing pens occupy a special place in this matter.

pen lancet is a small needle soldered into a plastic case on one side and hidden under a plastic cap on the other. This lancet simply needs to be inserted into the lancing device before measuring your blood sugar. After use, it is important to remove the lancet from the pen, close it again with a lid and recycle or simply throw it away.

The lancet is a strictly disposable medical device!

The good news is that modern lancets allow you to do at least 5, at least 15 finger punctures a day, almost painlessly. In addition, most lancets are universal and fit a variety of lancing devices . A company whose pens are definitely “not friendly” with “foreign” lancets is Accu -Chek.

Accu -Chek has a whole line of lancing pens and most of them are only compatible with certain lancets. Despite such limitations, many people with diabetes consistently use them, noting the small thickness of the needle and the comfortable lancing pen . Of all the accu-check in Ukraine, only Softclix pens are officially presented , and, accordingly, Softclix lancets .

How can a finger piercing be painless?

The effect of a painless puncture is achieved thanks to modern technologies. They are used today by almost all manufacturing companies of such lancets. This is first of all:

1. Very small diameter (thickness) of the needle. For example, One Touch UltraSoft needle thickness is 0.36 mm, Softclix 0.3 mm and IME-DC lancets only 0.25 mm. The difference is small, but there are plenty to choose from.

2. Trihedral laser sharpening of the needle. Such a needle easily passes through the skin, making a perfectly even incision that heals quickly. Technology claimed by most lancet manufacturers, including Accu -Chek, IME-DC and some others.

3. The silicone coating of the steel provides a soft entry of the needle into the skin and minimal trauma to it. This technology is precisely used for multi-colored lancets by Microlet , Softclix and some others.

Painless puncture and other properties of the lancet are guaranteed only with a single use !

Using the lancet even for the second time (and we don’t even talk about the third and subsequent ones) already makes the finger puncture more traumatic and painful. Due to the fact that the tip of the needle is deformed and blunt, the puncture site heals much longer. An already used lancet will be stored in a pen without a cap, which means that an infection or microbes can get on it – which is also quite dangerous, because if they get into the blood, they can provoke festering or lead to other unpleasant and even dangerous consequences.

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