Antibiotics for diabetes

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Antibiotics for diabetes

Among the preventive measures for complications associated with the lower extremities, foot care for diabetes occupies a special place.


Warm feet in hot baths, as well as use heating pads, various electrical appliances, etc. for these purposes. Reduced sensitivity of the feet leads to the fact that a patient with diabetes ceases to feel a high temperature, as a result of which he can get burns on his feet.

Use sharp objects to care for the lower extremities – they can injure the skin of the legs. And, as you know, with high blood sugar, wounds heal very slowly and poorly.

Remove calluses with a special corn fluid or callus patch. The fact is that these products contain caustic substances that damage the skin.

Wear tight , unworn , tight shoes. Wear high-heeled shoes for a long time. Walking around the house for a long time in outdoor shoes, lace up shoes crosswise.

Walking without shoes (it is important to remember that the feet are very vulnerable in diabetes ).

Smoke. Since smoking is a factor that enhances neuropathy.


Warm the lower limbs by wearing woolen socks.

Wash the lower extremities every day without using soap, after which it is very good to wipe the interdigital zones, regularly use a special foot cream, for example, DIALINE cream.

Saw off the nails on the feet in a straight line with a file, remove the calluses with the specially developed DIALINE pumice stone, the surface of which allows you to process rough skin in the most gentle mode.

Remove calluses on the feet with a pumice stone only.

Lace up shoes with parallel lacing. Wear shoes only after a careful check for the presence of protruding nails, sharp objects that have accidentally fallen into the shoes.

Wear special socks for diabetics – for example, DIALINE socks with silver.

Do leg exercises every day.

To walk correctly: when walking, the foot must first be placed on the heel, and only then the weight of the body must be transferred to the toe. This elastic and light gait is a kind of massage that improves the blood supply to the foot.

Examine the lower limbs every day for various injuries. It is convenient to view the feet using a mirror placed on the floor.

In the presence of any, even minor wounds, it is necessary to disinfect them, and then seal them with a bactericidal plaster. It is important that the wounds on the feet are always kept dry and clean.

If there are signs of inflammation around the wound (it may be redness, swelling), then, first of all, the leg must be provided with rest. Until the wound heals, it is important to stay in bed. It is necessary to contact a diabetologist who will prescribe a course of antibiotic therapy.

Antibiotics for diabetes are prescribed on the basis of the same principles as for other patients, that is, on the basis of the culture, secreted from the wound for sensitivity to antibiotics. But the fundamental important difference is the use of antibiotics until the wound is completely healed and the wound process is completely stopped . Long-term use of antibiotics for diabetes is warranted. And it must necessarily be accompanied by more careful and frequent control of glycemia and maintenance of normoglycemia . Since immunity is reduced with high sugars and the healing process will go worse.

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