Complications of diabetes mellitus and their treatment

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Complications of diabetes mellitus and their treatment

Probably, many have repeatedly heard that a disease such as diabetes mellitus is dangerous not so much in itself as its complications caused by chronically high blood sugar levels. It is known that in type 1 diabetes mellitus, an increase in blood glucose levels occurs due to a lack of insulin, and in non-insulin dependent type of diabetes – due to lack of physical activity and excess weight, which leads to poor insulin performance.

With high blood sugar, the blood thickens and slows down the transport of oxygen and essential nutrients. An excess amount of glucose “permeates” the vessel wall, making it less permeable to nutrients, less elastic and easily traumatized, resulting in small hemorrhages. At the site of such microtraumas, scars (proliferation of connective tissue) appear, which worsen the functions of organs. The nerve sheaths undergo the same “sugar-coating”, which at the same time lose their functionality and begin to feel much worse.

What are the consequences of diabetes mellitus?

Each organ consists of nerves and blood vessels, therefore complications of diabetes mellitus negatively affect the whole body as a whole.

What organs are affected primarily by diabetes mellitus?

Eyes – The structures of the eye, such as the lens (lens) and the retina, are the most susceptible to complications of diabetes.

Lower limbs. Diabetic foot syndrome is one of the most common and severe complications of diabetes mellitus. Very often this leads to amputation of the lower limbs.

Kidneys. With an increase in blood sugar in the kidneys, first of all, small vessels are affected, which, in turn, is the cause of the malfunction of these organs.

Gums. Inflammatory diseases of the gums are associated with a violation of their nutrition, which occurs as a result of damage to the nerves and blood vessels. This often leads to “tooth extraction”.

Also, with diabetes mellitus, there is a more rapid development of atherosclerosis in large vessels, which can cause complications such as stroke, myocardial infarction, intermittent claudication.

An effective tool for the complex therapy and prevention of complications of diabetes is the antioxidant complex Glucoberry .

The consequences of diabetes mellitus are dangerous because a person with such a disease may not be bothered for a long time, and he does not even know about the impending threat. But the more time passes, the more difficult it becomes to treat the complications of diabetes. That is why it is very important that each patient knows what the danger of diabetes mellitus is and what he needs to do to prevent the occurrence of these complications.

Numerous studies prove that every patient can avoid the complications of diabetes and live with this disease like a healthy person. This will be possible if he learns to independently manage diabetes, coexist with it in the world and maintain blood sugar at a normal level.

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