Diabetes Glucose Monitoring

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Diabetes Glucose Monitoring

Diabetes mellitus is an insidious disease, the main cause of non-traumatic amputations, blindness among young people, as well as their renal failure. Dying due to diabetes takes the third leading place in the list of causes of early death. People with diabetes have high rates of cardiovascular disease.

As a result of age-related changes, an increase in blood glucose is recorded in people of both sexes independently. So far, the causes of changes in carbohydrate metabolism in the elderly remain unsolved. Perhaps this is poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, an increase in adipose tissue, etc.

Therefore, it is important to often monitor blood sugar levels, and timely identify the need for insulin. This will help manage the patient’s condition and prevent complications. Of course, a test requires taking blood from a finger, this is an unpleasant and painful procedure, so many try to reduce the number of tests, and thereby put themselves in a dangerous position. With the development of science and new technologies, various devices began to appear on the medical equipment market, eliminating the need for invasive piercing.

Today, continuous glucose monitoring systems are emerging that provide a more convenient alternative to older control methods. They use a circuitry of devices that are connected to a sensor. These devices are inserted under the patient’s skin, which allows continuous monitoring of blood glucose values. This helps to make the necessary changes in a timely manner in the diet, medication list, treatment, or physical activity. According to scientists, changes in the level can also be determined by the composition of the tear fluid. To carry out glucose monitoring, special lenses with sensors have already been invented that will help facilitate the life of patients with diabetes.

However, for most people, the most acceptable and suitable option is to use a portable blood glucose meter, such as the Accu Chek blood glucose meter, which combines small size and high measurement accuracy. Having such a device at home, a person can always control the level of glucose in the blood, thereby minimizing the risks of complications and correctly adjusting the intake of sugar-lowering drugs. 

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