Diabetes school

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Diabetes school

The new series dvd -videoprogramm “School for diabetics”

Practice shows that today not all patients manage to successfully control diabetes mellitus. For some, this is due to the lack of qualified medical care, modern drugs or personal motivation. Others simply do not have access to information on how to properly control their disease.

“The patient must learn to control the disease. This is a lot of daily work. Otherwise, he will not be able to live a long and happy life, make a career, start a family and raise children. To manage diabetes, you need serious knowledge, and it is better to undergo training, ”says Alexander Parkhomenko, endocrinologist, candidate of medical sciences, host of the dvd-video lecture hall.

All modern experts agree that one of the most important preventive and therapeutic measures is the dissemination of knowledge about diabetes. That is why today literature and videos about such a disease as diabetes mellitus are in great demand.

Unfortunately, in our country, many simply do not have access to complete and adequate information about diabetes mellitus, and not every person with such a diagnosis has the opportunity to take at least a lecture course on diabetes self-control. A new series of DVD-video programs “Open School for Diabetes Patients”, created by the development group “ Cordismedia ” (www.cordismedia.ru), will help patients with diabetes mellitus receive initial recommendations and fill in the missing knowledge about their disease.

This DVD video series consists of 5 editions ( dvd-video discs):

Diabetes mellitus: types of disease and symptoms

Can diabetes mellitus be cured … Treatment methods and monitoring of its effectiveness

Nutrition for diabetes

Possible complications of diabetes mellitus

Diabetes treatment. Insulin and insulin therapy, pills, exercise and nutrition

You can buy this DVD-series in the trade halls of the MedMag network , as well as in the online store www.medmag.ru. Of course, dvd- video programs will not replace a professional consultation with an endocrinologist or qualified assistance. But, watching these video programs, the patient will be able to get initial information, learn a lot of useful information about the important features of his disease and the implementation of his self-control. Having watched the video on diabetes mellitus on DVDs “Open School for Diabetes Patients”, it will be much easier for patients to cope with feelings of anxiety and confusion caused by the diagnosis, and to take new steps towards a fulfilling, vibrant life.

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