Diabetes – the problem has a solution

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Diabetes – the problem has a solution

Sweet “plague” of the 21st century. This is the name of diabetes, which closes the top three “leaders” in mortality, after heart and oncological diseases. More precisely, it is not diabetes itself, but its complications, which you will agree that does not reduce the problem. And, worst of all, the number of people suffering from this disease is growing exponentially.  

What are the types of diabetes

· Insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes. This type is affected by 10% of all those who are exposed to this diagnosis – children and people whose age does not exceed 30 years. Diabetes of this type is very aggressive, with it complications and decompensation quickly develop – the level of sugar in the blood can not be adjusted with drugs. Pancreatic cells are destroyed, which leads to a shortage of insulin in the body, which is produced by this gland. The cause of the destruction are viruses and autoimmune diseases. 

This type of diabetes requires a constant dose of insulin, which the patient receives through injection.

· Non-insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes. This type of ailment develops in those over thirty. Stress, extra pounds, heredity contribute to its development. Correction of the relative lack of insulin in the body can be achieved by taking pills, weight loss, and a special diet. In this type of diabetes mellitus, pancreatic destruction does not occur; it produces insulin. But, the body’s cells lose their sensitivity to insulin and, as a result, do not receive the required amount of glucose, even in the presence of insulin. In cases of progression, diabetes of this type may, over time, become insulin-dependent.   

Symptoms of Diabetes

In cases where the blood sugar reading becomes more than 6 mmol / liter, and glucose enters the urine, the symptoms of the disease are clearly manifested:

· Markedly increased urination – polyuria, especially at night;

· Constant feeling of thirst, dry tongue – polydipsia;

· Constantly experiencing hunger – polyphagy;

· Weight loss, especially with type 1 diabetes.

· There are symptoms that are present in diabetes, not being mandatory:

Genital itching, especially after urination;


· Constant dry mouth;

· Long healing of wounds and cuts;

Skin diseases in the form of purulent rashes;

Muscle weakness

· Fatigue at light loads;

Dry skin.

What causes diabetes

Today, doctors cannot name the exact causes of the disease. There are risk factors that can affect the onset of the disease. According to a number of hypotheses, diabetes is caused by viruses, or genetics is to blame. One thing is certain: diabetes is not a contagious disease; it cannot be infected, such as the flu.

· Hereditary factor.

Any degree of obesity.

· Diseases that can affect human beta cells. This is pancreatitis, oncology of the pancreas, diseases of the glands of internal secretion.

· Constant stressful situations, nervous and emotional overstrain.

· Viral diseases: chickenpox, hepatitis, rubella, flu and others.

· Age – the older a person is, the more vulnerable he becomes from diabetes.

If there are several risk factors, then the chances of getting diabetes are increased, so those who are at risk should be especially attentive to health.


It is proved that diabetes is most active from autumn to spring, so during this period you need to pay more attention to your own health. Do not forget that it is not difficult to take a blood test for the content of sugar in it. Often this can save you from big trouble. Check your blood for sugar. Good luck.  

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