Diabetic shoes

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Diabetic shoes

In patients with diabetes mellitus in the lower extremities, like other organs, vessels and nerves are affected (sugared). In turn, this leads to a decrease in the sensitivity of the legs, and also increases the risk of foot trauma, the development of foot ulcers, gangrene, and in the most severe cases it can even lead to amputation of the feet.  

One of the preventive measures aimed at preventing the development of foot lesions is wearing special shoes for people with diabetes .  

Patients with such a diagnosis should carefully monitor the protection of the feet from rubbing when walking and accidental trauma. Therefore, they are recommended diabetic footwear , which is as closed as possible in cut (talking about summer), which, at the same time, should ideally fit in its fullness. DO NOT allow the shoes to squeeze the foot, and the toes “find” on top of each other. High heels are also not recommended. The fact is that high-heeled shoes cause excessive pressure on the metatarsal bones of the foot, as a result of which corns are formed there.     

Patients who have trophic ulcers of the foot or injuries on the foot, cracked legs should choose special diabetic shoes for themselves exclusively in specialized orthopedic salons or “Diabetic Foot” offices. They can also ask the county office for help, where they can provide the exact addresses of ortho-salons for diabetics. Standard footwear MUST NOT be used for foot injuries – in this case, specialist advice is required. 

To prevent diabetic damage to the lower extremities, it is necessary to regularly (2-4 times a year) conduct special studies – to measure the tactile, temperature, vibration sensitivity of the lower extremities; normalize and stabilize blood glucose levels; perform proper foot care for diabetes. Especially for people with diabetes mellitus, means have been developed that prevent damage to the lower extremities: DIALINE silver socks and DIALAN foot cream.    

Having watched the course of video lectures “Lecture hall of the school for diabetics”, the patient will receive the knowledge necessary to manage diabetes mellitus, learn to apply it in practice.

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