Mango helps regulate blood sugar in obese people

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Mango helps regulate blood sugar in obese people

As you know, obesity is a serious problem, according to health care around the world, and to date, the number of people with obesity has increased by 30% compared to 2007. Long-term studies have already established that obesity is the main cause of many clinical diseases: type II diabetes, breast and colon cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, liver and gall bladder and high cholesterol. Therefore, the search for substances that in one way or another could affect the effects of obesity is very relevant.

Recent studies by American scientists have revealed yet another positive effect of eating Mango. Mango has been found to have properties that help regulate blood sugar in obese people.

The study involved 20 volunteers with obesity. The participants in the experiment consumed 10 grams of mango daily for 12 weeks. At the end of the study period, scientists noted that blood sugar levels were much lower than at the beginning of the study. At the same time, no gender dependence of the volunteers was found; the results were the same for both women and men. However, it should be noted that women had an increase in body mass index.

The authors of the study note that more complete studies with a large number of participants are required to confirm the obtained data.

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