Ventolin for inhalation: instructions for use, analogues, reviews, prices

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Ventolin for inhalation: instructions for use, analogues, reviews, prices

Ventolin promotes inhibition of bronchial reactivity and stimulates the elimination of cough, or prevents bronchospasm. The tool also contains additional components that help the main active substance to more actively influence the body. for inhalation increases the VC (vital capacity of the lungs), normalizes the production of mucus, and increases mucociliary clearance.

Salbutamol, which is part of the drug, is a selective beta-2 adrenostimulator.

Release Forms

Ventolin is available in two forms. Forms of release of the drug:

  • Ventolin Nebula – Nebulis contains a solution for inhalation with a nebulizer. Nebula volume of 2.5 ml (mg) of 10, 20, 40 pieces.
  • Ventolin aerosol is an aerosol for inhalation in a spray can. In one cylinder – 200 receptions.

Indications for use

The tool is used in order to expand the lumen of the respiratory tract. This may be necessary for diseases that are accompanied by bronchial or laryngospasm.

The use of Ventolin is indicated for such diseases:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • COPD
  • acute bronchitis, accompanied by obstruction;
  • laryngitis;
  • persistent dry cough;
  • inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (sinusitis);
  • pneumonia;
  • pulmonary emphysema;
  • chronical bronchitis.

Ventolin in the nebulas for inhalation is used for bronchial asthma in several cases. The first is for the relief of acute attacks of the disease. The second is for the prevention of deterioration. This is done before possible contact with allergens and other provoking factors or physical exertion. Also, the drug is used to treat an ailment during an exacerbation in combination with other drugs. In addition, the instructions for use report that the drug is often prescribed by specialists as a basic therapy for bronchial asthma.

Dosage and administration

The correct concentration of the active substance is important to achieve the desired result. It should also be calculated in order to prevent the development of side effects.

The dosage is selected depending on the disease and age (for children and adults it differs) of the patient. Also, the specialist must take into account the severity of the disease and the severity of clinical manifestations.

When taking the drug in doses that exceed the maximum permissible concentration, overdose symptoms are possible. Among them are nausea, hypotension, vomiting, an increase in the number of heart contractions. Very rarely hallucinations and convulsions are observed. To eliminate the manifestations of an overdose, cardioselective beta-blockers are used.

Adults and children over 12 years old

Ventolin can be used both in diluted and undiluted form. It all depends on the patient’s testimony and the severity of the clinical manifestations of the disease. But the decision on the concentration of the drug can not be taken independently. This must be entrusted to an experienced specialist.

Adult patients and children who are already 12 years old are most often prescribed to take the drug in a pure undiluted form. The tool in the amount of 2 ml is poured into the nebulizer. The inhalation procedure lasts until aerosol formation is carried out.

If the use of Ventolin is necessary in diluted form, then the necessary amount of solution components is placed in the device for inhalation and inhaled until the end of the formation of aerosol particles. The required ratio of drug and solvent should be calculated by the attending physician who is familiar with the course of the disease and the patient’s history.

Children from 2 to 12 years old

Ventolin aerosol A child under the age of twelve is not allowed to prescribe the drug in its purest form. In addition, the use of the drug in childhood is permissible for a short time. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the age of the child, the severity of the bronchospasm. The risk of developing undesirable consequences and the presence of concomitant ailments are taken into account.

To prevent attacks in children, the drug is administered in the form of an aerosol at a dose of 200 μg 15 minutes before possible contact with a provoking factor (load or allergen). As the main therapy for children, which is indicated for a long period of time, the medicine is prescribed in the amount of 100 mcg 4 times a day.

To increase the effectiveness of the procedure, you can use other devices for inhalation – spacers. They can be used by patients who have difficulty coordinating movements while using a conventional inhaler.

Instructions for use of the solution for inhalation

Ventolin inhalation should be used correctly. The success of therapy depends on this. Before use, be sure to consult a specialist. He will be able to choose the dose that will be suitable for the patient. Instructions for the use of the drug in the nebula states that to use the medicine, you need a nebulizer with a special mask and an endotracheal tube.

Ventolin in the nebulas is available as a solution for inhalation. It is inhaled with a nebulizer until aerosol formation stops. Typically, the duration of the session with the diluted mixture is about 10 minutes. If the concentration of the drug has not been changed, then inhalation can last up to 5 minutes.

The room in which the product is inhaled should be well ventilated. The patient during the procedure must be under the supervision of a doctor.

When using the Ventolin Evohale aerosol inhaler, it should be checked for proper functioning and shaken before use. Location of the device: the bottom is upward, under the mouthpiece on the base there is a thumb, and the inhaler adheres to the forefinger.

During inhalation, the patient takes a slow and deep breath with pressure on the bottom, while the mouth tightly clasps the mouthpiece. Further, breathing is held for a couple of seconds.

The next medication, if necessary, can be done in 30 seconds.


Ventolin, like any other medicine, has a number of conditions in which the use of the drug is limited. Absolute contraindications include intolerance or hypersensitivity to any of the components. In addition, the use of the drug is unacceptable during lactation and during pregnancy threatens with premature birth or miscarriage. For the treatment of children up to a year, the use of Ventolin is contraindicated.

Relative contraindications to the use of an inhaler with a medicine are the following diseases:

  • inflammatory process in the heart muscle (myocarditis);
  • glaucoma;
  • CHD (coronary heart disease);
  • diabetes mellitus, especially in the decompensation phase;
  • heart disease;
  • epilepsy;
  • renal failure;
  • arrhythmia of the type of tachycardia;
  • aortic stenosis;
  • liver failure;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • pheochromocytoma;
  • chronic heart failure;
  • hypertonic disease.

 In these conditions, the use of Ventolin in the form of a solution for inhalation is possible. But this must be done carefully and under the constant supervision of a specialist in order to avoid complications or exacerbation of the pathological process.

Side effects

The use of the drug sometimes causes a number of undesirable effects. Among them, dysfunctions of the cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory and digestive systems.

The most common disorders are:

  • tremor;
  • headache;
  • increase in heart rate.

A little less often, a paradoxical spasm of the bronchi develops. In addition, such disorders may appear:

  • angioedema;
  • hives;
  • lowering blood pressure (hypotension);
  • increased potassium levels;
  • hyperactivity of the bronchi;
  • arrhythmia (atrial, supraventricular, extrasystole);
  • increase in the lumen of peripheral vessels;
  • cramps
  • irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat.

Such a violation of the functioning of the cardiovascular system, such as atrial fibrillation, rarely develops. Sometimes patients complain of disorders of the OPA and connective tissue. When using Ventolin in inhalations using a nebulizer, metabolic disorders (due to the effect on insulin secretion and glycogenolysis) can be observed, it has a lipolytic effect. With prolonged use, keto- and lactic acidosis may occur.

How to breed Ventolin for inhalation

Ventolin If you need long-term use of the drug, you must use drug solutions. For this, the contents of the Ventolin ampoule are diluted with saline. The ratio of the ingredients of the mixture for each patient must be selected individually.

If the case is severe, then it is permissible for the child to increase the dose to 1 ml and dilute in 100 mg of saline. Inhalation is carried out using a nebulizer at a speed of up to 2 mg / hour.

How to do inhalation with Ventolin

Before the procedure, the undiluted mixture or the finished solution must be warmed up to a comfortable temperature for inhalation. For patients over the age of twelve years, two injections of the mixture are enough to eliminate an asthma attack. To prevent deterioration in the event of a possible exposure to a predisposing factor, one inhalation of Ventolin is necessary. This must be done 10-15 minutes before contact with the stimulus.

Each inhalation session with Ventalin should be carried out in a ventilated room. The duration of the procedure must be agreed with a specialist. Typically, the duration of inhalation of drug vapor is up to approximately 10 minutes.

Diseases that are accompanied by bronchial obstructive syndrome cause a lot of discomfort to patients. To avoid unpleasant manifestations of ailments, it is necessary to take special medications. Ventolin is one of the most effective drugs among bronchodilators. Its use after consultation with a doctor significantly improves the patient’s condition.


Ventolin for inhalation has a fairly low price, but if for some reason you need to find analogues, then preparations containing the same active substance are:

  • Salbutamol;
  • Volmax;
  • Sterineb Salamol;
  • Nebutamol;
  • Saltos;
  • Astalin;
  • Salben;
  • Salamol;
  • Aloprol and others.


Ventolin, despite the fact that its price is quite low, has good reviews. Consider a few real reviews about the drug.


The son sharply fell ill with acute respiratory viral infections with high fever, runny nose and cough. The temperature and rhinitis were cured by standard means, but it simply didn’t work out with a cough, it was dry and could not pass. After visiting the doctor, Ventolin was prescribed to us. For children, it is considered a good remedy, the doctor said. Reviews on the Internet were also positive, but the price didn’t bite.
Literally after several inhalations, sputum began to flow away. I did not expect such an effect for such a low price. Recommend!

Valentina Olegovna

An excellent remedy for dry cough for children! Not a hormonal drug, it is inexpensive. I tried it for the first time when the doctor prescribed it to my granddaughter. The cough immediately softened, sputum began to recede.


Ventolin was prescribed by the doctor when my daughter coughed for a long time. The cough was dry, the baby was tearing her throat and suffered greatly from it. Instructions for use were read from beginning to end, pleased that the product is not hormonal. After four inhalations, the cough became moist and we quickly recovered. I did not notice any side effects.


The son was born weak, at birth they ate pumped out. however, lung problems are still there. With another obstructive bronchitis, the doctor prescribed Ventolin. Instructions for use pleased that it is not a steroid or hormonal medicine. Considering that my five-year-old son has already suffered, I always carefully read the instructions. The drug really helped, done in the morning and evening. As a result, the child fell asleep calmly. Not a panacea of ​​course, but this medicine helps us out.

Ventolin is an effective and inexpensive means for inhalation. It fights well with dry cough. Ventolin is not a hormonal drug, so it is great for children, but only as directed by a doctor. Reviews about the drug are positive.

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