Diabetes and diaper rash

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Diabetes and diaper rash

Have you ever heard of intertrigo ? This is the medical term for diaper rash. Mostly diaper rash occurs in places of skin folds and more often in a hot period. Unfortunately, diaper rash is much more common among people with diabetes than among people without diabetes.

Why do rashes occur?

Diaper rash occurs due to physical impact. This usually occurs in the process of rubbing two skin surfaces: the inner side of the thighs, in the skin folds – under the breasts, buttocks, in the groin, under the arms, skin folds on the neck, abdomen, between the toes with excessive sweating.

Irritation worsens factors such as:

  • heat,
  • high humidity,
  • maceration (swelling and wrinkling of the skin during prolonged contact with water or moisture),
  • increased sweating and secretion of sebum;
  • insufficient air circulation (especially when wearing tight clothing)
  • insufficient personal hygiene;
  • the use of specific antibiotics and corticosteroids (in this case, consult a dermatologist).

In places of skin irritation, pathogenic microflora can develop, which greatly aggravates the condition and makes treatment difficult. The development of bacteria and fungi also increases pain in the areas of diaper rash.

Diaper rash in people with diabetes mellitus (DM)

Diaper rash is often aggravated by the development of pathogenic microflora, especially fungi of the genus Candida . People with diabetes are more susceptible to skin fungal infections – 80% of reported cases of skin candidiasis.

According to various estimates, 32.5 – 45% of patients with DM face fungal skin lesions. Among these cases, intertrigo (diaper rash) is the most common pathology. Given these data, it is especially important for diabetics to follow the recommendations for preventing the occurrence of diaper rash, as well as to have your own quick remedy in the medicine cabinet.

Symptoms of diaper rash

Symptoms of diaper rash are not specific. If you have not previously encountered such a problem, you should visit a dermatologist for a diagnosis.

In the initial stage, common symptoms include redness, often in skin folds, with mild discomfort.

When the condition worsens:

  • more intense redness of the skin;
  • reddish, sometimes brownish rash;
  • moist, sometimes oozing skin;
  • wet cracks on the skin;
  • itchy discomfort, tingling, burning;
  • peeling of the skin;
  • if left untreated, diaper rash may develop a musty odor.

How to prevent the occurrence of diaper rash?

You can prevent the condition with the following simple rules:

1. Take a shower thoroughly, at least once a day. On particularly hot days – twice.

2. Do not use aggressive detergents. The pH of your soap should be as close to the pH of your skin as possible.

Pay attention to specific products, for example, intended for intimate hygiene. Such caring cosmetics provide effective cleansing of the skin, while having a milder effect. Can be used as a main product (EVO liquid cream-soap for intimate hygiene, EVO liquid soap for intimate hygiene, Atopic bathing gel is perfect for children).

3. Keep your skin dry and cool. After taking a shower, dry your skin thoroughly by gently patting it with a towel.

4. Try not to wear tight clothes and synthetic fabrics. Your skin should be well ventilated.

5. Women in the hot season should prefer bras with good breast support.

6. Normalization of body weight is not an easy but very effective method to prevent the problem of diaper rash in obese people.

7. In places with an increased risk of diaper rash, use special caring cosmetics. The selected product should eliminate excess moisture, reduce skin friction and have an antibacterial effect. Talc-containing products do an excellent job with this task.

There are special care products to combat diaper rash. For example, cream-talc DiaDerm is especially recommended for people with diabetes.

The powerful antimicrobial complex of the cream consists of zinc oxide and essential oils of tea tree and lemon. The antibacterial complex gently dries the skin and stops the development of pathogenic bacteria.

Menthol and eucalyptus oil eliminate discomfort and soothe irritated skin. Allantoin complements essential oils. This remedy for local anesthesia, in addition, has a softening property, restores and normalizes the protective function of the skin.

Talc – dries and creates a thin barrier on the skin that reduces friction. Isohexadecane complements the properties of talc. This substance is popular in Korean cosmetics – it creates a silky feeling, helps to evenly distribute the cream in a thin layer.

Cream-talc Diaderm has a pleasant smell and texture. Economical to use. It can be used as a prophylaxis and care for places with diaper rash. Approved and recommended for use by endocrinologists.

What is the result?

Diaper rash is an unpleasant problem that should be addressed in the early stages of occurrence. Although the main treatment for diaper rash is aimed at eliminating external factors, people with diabetes will be much easier to deal with pathology when blood sugars are stable.

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