Diabetes and summer: preventing heat-related risks

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Diabetes and summer: preventing heat-related risks

In summer, diabetic compensation can be difficult due to the heat. There is nothing unusual here, because because of the increased temperature, the body loses water faster, blood pressure drops more often, and sugar levels change faster. In addition, summer is a time of increased injury, and healing processes in hot weather are much slower. However, there are ways to ease the influence of external factors on the body.

Nutrition and sports

  • In the summer, try to eat more vegetables. Fatty, fried and overly salty should be reduced.
  • Add cold soups to the menu. Kholodnik, okroshka, gazpacho – the choice is great. These dishes perfectly saturate and help the body to cool.
  • Drink water. No need to go to the record and drink a lot. It is enough to try at least to stick to your norm. In this case, water should be simple drinking without gas. On the shelves in the store, take the “dining room”, not the mineral one. At home, you can use a special filter.
  • Try to perform physical activity at a time when it is still not hot – early in the morning or late in the evening. At the same time, plan your meals to avoid hypoglycemia.

Skin care

  • Let’s start with the choice of clothes. Do not wear synthetic fabrics that make it difficult to sweat and regulate body temperature. Clothing should be light, loose-fitting. So you will attract less sunlight and provide airing of the skin.
  • Do not wear too closed shoes, in which there is a high risk of sweating feet.
  • Apply sunscreen with UV filters before going outside.
  • Use special care creams so that the skin does not become excessively dry. This is especially true for the legs.
  • Try not to injure the skin. If you accidentally get hurt, then immediately carefully treat the wounds without using drying agents.
  • Try to avoid walking barefoot on hot sand, asphalt, and on nature trips. You may not notice and damage your foot.

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