Who is at sea? Diabetes and safety at the beach

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Who is at sea? Diabetes and safety at the beach

Sea holidays are now available all year round, but for the most part we visit fairly close resorts and do it in the summer. Whether you’re lounging in the sun by the sea or a lake, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Watch out for the sun

Try to sunbathe only during safer hours: in the morning before 11:00, and in the evening after 16:00. But even at this time there is a risk of getting burned. Use sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least 15.

2. You can’t walk barefoot everywhere

There is always a chance of injuring the skin of the feet if you walk barefoot on the beach. Even if you are relaxing in a clean area and the chances of finding a gift from unscrupulous tourists are low, natural surprises (such as shell fragments) can be no less dangerous. Maybe in shoes the pleasure of walking will be a little less, but keep your feet safe.

3. Drink plenty of water in summer

Dehydration is not just a nuisance, but a dangerous condition. Maintaining water balance will keep you feeling great, and there is a direct connection with sugars.

4. Add a diabetic bag to the beach bag

Means of self-control, means for stopping hypoglycemia, insulin supply. If you use a pump or monitor, keep a special patch just in case (they are available with a water-repellent coating), which can be used to glue the sensor.

5. Don’t Forget to Check Your Blood Sugar Often

Active recreation (swimming, beach volleyball) and heat are factors that actively affect sugar levels. If taking a bath or sauna helps to reduce sugar, then a day under the sun can have an unpredictable effect – both lowering and increasing glycemic levels.

6. Limit your consumption of drinks and foods that promote water excretion.

For example, it is worth temporarily giving up caffeine. If you take drinks to the beach with you, then give preference to drinking water instead of cold tea and coffee drinks (also due to the sugar content in the composition).

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