Diabetic creams: for hands and antifungal ointments for diabetes

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Diabetic creams: for hands and antifungal ointments for diabetes

Diabetes mellitus belongs to the category of those diseases that are chronic in nature, and it is not possible to cure them. Complications that arise in the internal organs and on the skin of a person are problems that subsequently lie behind the disease.

To carry out skin care for pathology, it is not enough to use ordinary and familiar cosmetics that are suitable for all people. Here you need cosmetics for diabetics – a special complex of creams that eliminate numerous problems.

Since the disease most often affects the skin of the face and limbs, there are creams for diabetic feet, for the body and for the upper limbs of diabetics.

Need to consider how to choose a cream for diabetics, and what are they? How to use the means of such a plan correctly, and what does the instruction for use say?

Selection features

With diabetes, the skin of a sick person experiences many negative transformations.

The skin becomes rough, its natural firmness and elasticity decreases, and exfoliation of dead particles is observed. Calluses and cracks appear on the legs, which do not heal for a long period.

Patients complain of itchy skin, frequent fungal lesions, thickening of the nail plates and other difficulties that prevent them from living a full life.

In diabetes mellitus, creams must be selected according to the problem itself. Therefore, you need to sanctify the main points and the choice of the required tool:

  • The decrease in the elasticity of the skin, its dehydration is the result of a sharp loss of fluid by the body. To eliminate complications, you need to fight with those products that do not cause dehydration of the skin. For this, ointments that have a neutral pH balance are suitable. For very dry skin, moisturizers are chosen.
  • Diabetic ulcerative lesions are a fairly frequent serious complication of diabetes. They usually develop due to the lack of necessary wound therapy. For healing, a cream with a bactericidal effect is chosen, which does not include alcoholic liquids.
  • With diabetes mellitus against the background of inflammation of small wounds, there is a great danger of additional infection. To disinfect wound surfaces, it is necessary to use antiseptic agents that do not contain alcohol.
  • The defeat of the feet and legs of a fungal nature easily affects the legs of a healthy person, and the diabetic is in double danger. Antifungal ointments are used to treat diabetes.

It should be noted that the therapy of fungal infections should be local and general. For topical treatment, topical antifungal agents are used.

Therapy, in particular the general treatment, consisting of medication antifungal drugs should be recommended exclusively by a doctor who determines the dosage, frequency of use and duration of treatment.

Important: you need to monitor your skin on a daily basis, use specialized means for diabetics, which not only improve the condition, but also prevent numerous complications.

Properties and use

Before consecrating the series of the most effective drugs for diabetes, you need to tell in general what properties specialized tools for diabetics should have.

Hand or foot cream should sufficiently moisturize the skin, have anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, and help prevent the activation of bacteria.

Means of such a plan should include vitamins, have a tonic effect and hypoallergenic properties, improve blood circulation at the site of application. Therefore, before purchasing an ointment, it is recommended that you carefully read the annotation.

The main recommendations for the use of cream:

  1. You should always use only the cream that best suits your problem. Indeed, with diabetes mellitus, only the right means should be used.
  2. Carefully monitor your hygiene, always clean the surface of the skin before using ointment or cream.
  3. Foot and hand creams should be applied not only when problems appear on the horizon, but also as a preventative action on a regular basis.
  4. Foot cream and hand cream must be different, you cannot use the same product for different parts of the body.
  5. Ointments / creams are rubbed in with light massaging movements without any pressure on the skin.
  6. If the cream is concentrated, then a special sponge, included in the kit, is used for application.

It should be noted that before using this or that tool, it is recommended to carefully study the instructions.

Each cream has its own composition, its own indications and contraindications, as well as certain nuances of use that you need to know before using.

Effective ointments and creams

Diabetics have a special lifestyle, so they must adhere to a proper diet, in particular, eat foods that lower blood sugar, play sports, and control glucose in the body. Only a set of measures will help to avoid complications of pathology. 

Dia Ultraderm Diabetic Cream is intended for those patients who have sensitive skin. This tool helps to prevent transformations associated primarily with sugar disease.

Due to its balanced and competent composition, people with extremely sensitive skin prone to irritation can use the cream. The average price is 250 rubles.

Effective creams for diabetics:

  • Ureata is a cream for hands, feet and other parts of the body. It belongs to the category of topical preparations. Thanks to the urea in the composition, the product nourishes the skin well, has a property that reduces irritation. The price is about 400 rubles.
  • DiaDerm talc cream is recommended for those patients who have a tendency to diaper rash and excessive perspiration. Ingredients contribute to the drying of the skin, and also have an antibacterial property. The price of the product is about 200 rubles.
  • Virta is a foot cream that contains urea. It will help eliminate severe dryness of the lower extremities, peeling of the skin, inflammation. In addition, the cream protects the feet from calluses and cracks. It can be used as a daily care product. The price is 200 rubles.
  • Caremed – foot cream for diabetes. The product nourishes the skin well, improves its condition, normalizes water and salt balance. The price of the cream is around 450 rubles.

You need to purchase creams at a pharmacy, drugstore or specialized cosmetic store. In big cities, there are exactly shops for diabetics where you can buy all the necessary cosmetics for your legs, arms and other parts of the body.

To prevent diabetes mellitus from leading to numerous problems, it is recommended to follow a low-carb diet, to examine your limbs every day for cracks and wounds in order to prevent complications in a timely manner. 

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