How to get rid of sugar addiction?

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How to get rid of sugar addiction?

Sweets and cakes are the cause of pain, fatigue, poor immunity and mood swings, heart disease and gastrointestinal tract. Suddenly? People always ate sugar, but before it was a treat. Now the food industry feeds each of us 63.5–68 kg of sugar per year. It is not surprising that we have become sugar addicts and are constantly sick. 

Jacob Teitelbaum’s book, Sugar Free, explains why this happens and why sugar is still harmful, and offers a plan to free sugar from captivity.

Chained together: character and sweet tooth

There are four types of sugar dependence, which are associated with various causes: chronic fatigue, stress, growth in the body’s yeast, hormonal changes. It is interesting that each type has its own personality warehouse. For example, here’s what sugar type I looks like. 

In type I sugar addicts, the thyroid gland does not work as it should, the person begins to get tired, and this leads to even greater dependence on sweets and artificially energized drinks.

A man striving for excellence: no compromises, only the best. Maybe somewhere studying and cramming at night, or maybe constantly busy career. Although there are housewives and unemployed mothers.

But everyone has one thing in common: 24 hours a day is not enough for them. Fatigue is their constant companion. They are always in a hurry, there is no time for the gym. They are haunted by pain and malaise, because the muscles simply do not have the energy they need to work properly. 

How to cope with the desire to feast?

All is well, but in moderation. These tips will help you when for the third time in a day, your hands reach for a box of sweets and cookies.

If you feel that you just can’t refuse some kind of sweets, eat one or two pieces. Savor them well! The first bites give 80% of the pleasure, and eating the rest is optional.

Bask in the sun: numerous studies have shown that people who are deficient in vitamin D , the “sun vitamin,” are at higher risk of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome — conditions that fuel sugar cravings.  

Do an easy charge. Exercise increases insulin sensitivity and helps reduce sugar cravings.

Flip the clock to the wall

Over the past hundred years, the average time of night sleep has decreased from 9 to 6.5 hours. It’s like a third to reduce the body’s salary. Result? Fatigue, pain, obesity and cravings for sweets. If a person does not receive a healthy sleep every night, he feels exhausted and wants sweets in order to artificially energize himself.

Scientists from the University of Laval have found that insufficient sleep increases the risk of obesity by 30% and weight gain can be expected by an average of 2.3 kg. And deep sleep regulates the production of growth hormone (the “fountain of youth”), as well as leptin and ghrelin. These three hormones control appetite. 

Life hack: do not watch the news and do not do what upsets you before going to bed. And turn the clock away from yourself so that you do n’t see it, so you won’t worry that there’s little sleep left and will fall asleep faster. 

Sweet sadness

The euphoria given by cookies, sweets, sweet drinks and other goodies evaporates quickly, and then the mood rapidly falls. Depression is not just a bad mood and longing from time to time. This is a powerful element that can crush life, alienate from loved ones and take away all the joy of existence. 

Sugar-dependent patients are deficient in serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine , mood-regulating substances. This, in turn, may cause a desire to boost mood with sugar. 

In these cases, it is necessary not only to get rid of sugar addiction, but also to work on yourself. Learn to focus on the good. Some people think that endlessly thinking about problems means being realistic. This is not true. Life is like a huge buffet with thousands of snacks. You can always choose what you like.  

Sweets are not always useful.

In addition to fatigue and mood swings, sugar causes long-term health problems. For example, over the past 15 years, the consumption of high-fructose corn syrup – for the body it is also sugar – has grown by 250%. And over the same period, the incidence of diabetes jumped by 45%. Fortunately, there is hope for the best!   

In addition to tens of kilograms of sugar eaten per year, our health is undermined by white flour products, which behave like sugar: from them we get + 18% calories. 

Any addiction, including sugar, can be eliminated. A little patience and everything will work out. The book “Sugar Free” not only talks about four types of addiction, but also offers step-by-step treatment plans for each of them. 

Back in the book

Tests for determining the type of sugar dependence.
Portraits of sweet tooth people of different types.
Useful tips for those who want to eat less sweets and lose weight.
Recommendations for getting rid of chronic fatigue and pain, PMS, migraines and anxiety, sinusitis and gastrointestinal problems.
Ways to deal with insomnia and poor sleep.
Tips for strengthening immunity.
Life hacks to improve mood.
Overview of vitamins, dietary supplements and herbs.
Recommendations for diet and exercise.

In no case do not lose your favorite foods. In fact, you can get the maximum joy from eating for the benefit of the body. Feeling yourself wrecked or full of energy, being weak or active, sick or healthy – it’s up to you. 

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