How to indicate diabetes?

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How to indicate diabetes?

how to indicate diabetes

Frequent fatigue, loss of weight and muscle mass, thirst and diuresis may indicate the occurrence of type 1 diabetes, which develops in childhood.

Also, this disease is characterized by skin infections, dry eyes, blurred vision and abdominal pain.

“Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease when immune cells attack the pancreatic beta cells. This is how insulin develops, and a person needs to get this hormone externally.”

Fragile or labile diabetes is also referred to as type 1 diabetes. It is difficult to regulate, because there are sudden peaks and drops in glucose in the blood, and the food is digested that well, then bad. This disease is associated with poor nervous regulation of digestion, stress and insulin resistance.

Type 2 diabetes is often diagnosed after 30 years. Such patients suffer from overweight, high blood pressure and cholesterol abnormalities.

In 70% of cases, such diabetes does not need insulin injections, because it is in the body, but the cells become insensitive to it. This is how insulin resistance occurs. At first, such patients are advised not to take medicine, but to balance nutrition, exercise and lose weight.

Type 2 diabetes can be hereditary. It is known that in the presence of such a disease in one of the parents, the chances of a child getting sick are 15%, and if both have 75%.

Type 1.5 diabetes or latent adult autoimmune diabetes is also isolated. When it insulin cells are destroyed, but more slowly than with type 1. Health can be maintained with medications, proper nutrition and sports, but in general, insulin therapy is needed.

There is also MODY-diabetes that occurs at a young age. It is due to mutations in the genes and, depending on the characteristics, requires or does not require insulin injections.

Type 3 diabetes begins due to the development of resistance in the neurons of the brain. In the future, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease increases.

Also at risk of developing diabetes are pregnant women. This type is called gestational.

“It is important to remember that type 1 diabetes cannot be cautioned. And 80% of cases of type 2 can be prevented. In this case, a healthy lifestyle is the best prevention.”

Doctors called the characteristic signs of diabetes, which indicate problems with human health. The list consists of 17 items. Among them are severe fatigue, excessive hunger and thirst, and frequent urination.

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