Cause cancer and diabetes: an unexpected danger of popular sweets is named!

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Cause cancer and diabetes: an unexpected danger of popular sweets is named!

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Replacing sugar with honey and other sweeteners in tea, coffee and other products does not bring health benefits.

This is explained by the fact that honey is considered an absolutely healthy sweetness and often add too much of it, says the Action on Sugar report. Also, finished products with honey end up with a huge amount of sugar.

The rate of honey, like another sweetener, for an adult is only 30 grams per day. When you add one 7-gram spoon to the tea, 6 grams of so-called free sugar remains in the drink. When you add the same spoon of regular sugar in the tea will be only 4 grams.

Free sugar is monosaccharides, for example, glucose and fructose and disaccharides – sucrose or regular sugar, which are added to food and beverages, as well as naturally contained in syrups, fruit juices and honey.

“Marketing tricks lead consumers to completely misunderstand what free sugars are, what foods contain them and how they contribute to total daily sugar consumption. Too many calories from sugars contribute to the risk of obesity, grade 2 diabetes, various types of cancer, liver disease, and teeth, “said nutritionist Katherine Jenner.

Sugar consumption does not make people more energetic and does not lift their spirits.
This conclusion was made by scientists from the UK and Germany, after analyzing more than 30 studies on the effects of “white poison” on the human body.

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