How to lose weight without harm to health?

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How to lose weight without harm to health?

Those who have decided to lose weight, do not always think about the impact of diet on the body. It seems: now I will lose 5 kilograms, and I will start following all the rules of a healthy diet. And what can happen to me in just a couple of weeks? In fact, everything is not so simple.

  1. Choose the physical activity according to the initial weight, age, and state of health. If you have not paid attention to physical activity at all for many years, start with the most gentle exercise — swimming or walking. And gradually increase the intensity.
  2. Do not neglect a medical examination before starting work on yourself. First, you will be able to see your weaknesses: for example, a lack of certain vitamins or a malfunction in the work of certain organs can lead to a slowdown in metabolism and the appearance of excess weight (safe weight loss with xenical). Secondly, you will know exactly what you can not do for health reasons.
  3. Don’t try to invent a bicycle. Of course, each person is unique, but the main methods of working with excess weight have long been worked out. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to seek advice from a sports medicine doctor, a nutritionist, an experienced coach, be sure to use it.
  4. Read and collect as much information as possible on weight loss issues. Yes, working on your own body is not only a diet and physical activity. Stay up to date with the news — some of the new trends may be useful to you.
  5. Look for publications that are based on evidence-based medicine, written by professionals, certified specialists.
  6. Never go hungry. Do not use mono-diets, do not convince yourself that you will now sit on a diet for a few days, quickly lose weight and everything will be fine. A healthy weight is not a diet. This is a lifestyle that should gradually become your habit.
  7. First health – then training. You can not go to the gym with a bad state of health, with a fever and a sick cold.
  8. Do not give up. If something goes wrong, you need to step back, think, consult. As a result, the decision will definitely come.

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