Legs hurt with diabetes

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Legs hurt with diabetes

Surely, many have heard that diabetes mellitus is dangerous for its many complications.

Foot problems – poor circulation, pain in the legs with diabetes, fungal infections of the nails, cracked feet and bad odor are familiar to many people with diabetes.

With diabetes mellitus, due to a prolonged high blood glucose level, nerves and blood vessels are damaged in the legs, as well as in another organ. They seem to be “sugared”. At the same time, any sensitivity (pain, tactile, temperature, vibration) decreases in the lower extremities. In this situation, even the most insignificant foot injuries (cracks, calluses, bruises, injuries from cutting nails, scuffs, burrs) can cause serious problems. Many of these injuries are often overlooked by the patient and by the time he sees a doctor, the disease is already at its peak. After the infected wound becomes larger, it is much more difficult to treat it. A sore that has an infection causes blood sugar to rise, which in turn negatively affects healing. As a result, ulcerative defects of the feet appear  , long-term non-healing, chronic purulent wounds, osteomelitis (infection of the bone) and, ultimately, gangrene. If the necessary effective measures are not taken in a timely manner, this can lead to amputation of the lower extremities.

So that patients never complain that their legs are aching with diabetes, they need to normalize their blood glucose levels, be regularly examined (measure the tactile, vibration, temperature sensitivity of the legs, ideally this should happen at every visit to the doctor), observe rules of foot care and timely treatment of identified defects.

As a result of numerous studies, doctors have identified the immediate causes of gangrene, and based on them, developed rules for foot care. Their use in people who already have initial lesions of the lower extremities has reduced the number of amputations by 80%.

What should not be done for patients with leg pain due to diabetes?

Warm your feet with hot baths or electrical appliances, etc. Due to decreased sensitivity, there is a risk of not feeling the high temperature and getting burns.

Carry out foot care using sharp objects. Scissors and blades can easily cut skin, and wounds with high blood sugar are difficult to heal.

Use corn fluid or a special corn patch that contains corrosive substances that damage the skin.

Wear tight shoes, high-heeled shoes, and walk indoors for a long time in outdoor shoes.

Walk barefoot (feet are very vulnerable in patients with diabetes).

Smoke. Smoking increases diabetic neuropathy.

What can and should be done for patients with leg pain in diabetes?

Warm your feet with woolen socks.

Wash your feet every day without using soap, then thoroughly wipe the space between your toes, use a moisturizing foot cream (for example, Dia- Line Active).

Saw off toenails with a file exclusively in a straight line; when removing corns, use a special pumice stone (DIALINE).

Wear loose, comfortable shoes with low heels, walk in changeable shoes indoors, wear new shoes gradually at home.

Lace shoes only parallel.

To wear socks for people with diabetes, Dialine with a special stitching seam on the front side of the product to avoid chafing, trauma to the skin of the legs and compression of blood vessels.

Do gymnastics for the legs every day.

Develop the correct gait.

Inspect your shoes regularly before putting them on.

Examine the feet every day for any damage with a mirror.

If any lesions are found, ensure complete rest of the leg.

It is necessary to understand that complications of diabetes mellitus arise if you treat this disease with disdain or, conversely, become overly upset. But the more the patient knows about his disease and the more he applies all his knowledge in life, the less troubles and life restrictions he will have.

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