In Ugra, they will devote a month to preventing diabetes

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In Ugra, they will devote a month to preventing diabetes

On November 1 , in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra, the month “Diabetes – an insidious disease” starts . In order to attract the population of the Autonomous Okrug to the problem of diabetes mellitus and increase awareness of risk factors in medical organizations, various events will be held: open days, events, preventive conversations, lectures , etc.    

Experts say that diabetes is one of the most serious medical and social problems of our time, a threat to the entire world community. Twenty years ago, the number of people diagnosed with diabetes mellitus worldwide did not exceed 30 million. Today, their number has reached more than 300 million. In Ugra, about 45 thousand people suffer from diabetes. 

The leadership of the country and the Autonomous Okrug in particular pay due attention to this problem. There are health centers, clinics, there is free medical medication – insulin, self-monitoring, test strips. But another problem remains: a person comes to a specialist very late. 

Everyone can become ill with diabetes, regardless of gender, age and heredity. The disease is often detected at a stage when irreversible changes have already occurred in the human body, so it is very important to undergo a blood sugar test in a timely manner. In addition, like the vast majority of diseases, diabetes is “afraid” of a healthy lifestyle. Doctors recommend monitoring your diet and moving more.

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