Scientists believe that signs of deadly type I diabetes are often overlooked

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Scientists believe that signs of deadly type I diabetes are often overlooked

Eddie Parker was a cheerful 4 year old child who seemed to just get the flu. But within a few hours she was in a coma. And six days later, she died. The tragedy of the situation was that the girl’s parents did not know the signs of the group’s diabetes, such as increased fatigue, thirst and intermittent breathing. Timely measures taken would help save the life of a little girl. Scientists argue that the problem of low awareness of the symptoms of type I diabetes is common throughout the world. Most people know about type II diabetes, but few know about the symptoms of type I diabetes. Although it is type I diabetes that poses a serious danger and can strike at any age. This type of disease of the endocrine system requires continuous administration of insulin. Ignorance of type I diabetes leads to serious complications and even death. But even doctors often confuse it with other diseases. The good news is that it’s easy to check if you really have a different disease, not type I diabetes. A urinalysis helps to detect if blood sugar is present. If the test is positive, then a simple finger blood test can confirm that you have diabetes. Signs and symptoms of type I diabetes that everyone should know include:

– increased thirst;

– frequent urination;

– night incontinence in children;

– unexplained weight loss;

– chronic fatigue;

– sudden loss of vision;

– increased irritability;

– increase in appetite;

– fruit smell from the mouth;

– heavy or labored breathing.

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