Silver socks protect feet

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Silver socks protect feet

Science does not stand still, and even now, at first glance, even the most ordinary socks often combine various useful functions. For example, there are antibacterial socks that help protect the feet from all kinds of bacteria and fungi, help to normalize blood circulation, and help to avoid the appearance of an unpleasant odor. The main secret of the new invention is silver, the nanoparticles of which are “embedded” into the fabric for making socks using a special technology .  

For the vast majority of people with diabetes, the expression “Achilles’ heel” is not just a beautiful metaphor, but also reflects real difficulties. Various problems with the feet – nail fungus, impaired blood circulation, tendency to crack, sweaty feet and, as a result, not a very pleasant smell – are familiar to many patients with diabetes. This is especially evident in those who are overweight, high blood pressure, have a tendency to vascular diseases.   

Today it is possible to solve these problems with the help of the latest scientific developments. Socks with silver ” Dialayn ” – is the latest achievement in the field of nanobiotechnology jersey. The inner part of these two-layer socks is treated with silver ions. Silver is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics on earth today. It kills over 650 types of bacteria. Therefore, such silver socks have an antiseptic effect, prevent the development of fungi and microorganisms, help eliminate unpleasant odors – in general, they help to take care of feet with diabetes. The creators of these wonderful socks report that all of their unique properties are preserved even after multiple washes.

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