Vitamins for diabetics

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Vitamins for diabetics

Diabetes mellitus today is a fairly common disease that, if improperly controlled, can lead to specific complications. Complications of diabetes mellitus primarily arise as a result of an increase in blood glucose levels, an increase in blood pressure, and also due to the pathological nature of fat metabolism.

Vitamins for diabetes mellitus are an irreplaceable assistant in the fight against the disease!

It has been proven that the development of complications of this disease directly depends on the degree of compensation of carbohydrate metabolism. The fact is that with normal blood sugar levels, aggression against blood vessels is not observed. And with hyperglycemia, the properties of the blood change, as a result of which the drugs stop working. In addition, drugs do not eliminate the aggression of increased glucose against blood vessels. In this case, special “vitamins for diabetics” come to the aid of the body, which create a kind of reserve of protection. As a rule, antioxidants (for example Glucoberry ) and vitamins for patients with diabetes mellitus consist of microelements and antioxidants in increased dosages. Numerous international studies ( DCCT) have proven the effectiveness of antioxidants, which create a background of non-specific protection in the patient’s body and remove free radicals. It follows from this that they can be recommended during stress and stress not only for patients with diabetes, but also for healthy people who experience stress of various nature.

The insidiousness of complications in diabetes is expressed by the fact that a person with such a diagnosis may not be bothered for a very long time, which means that he will not be aware of the impending danger. That is why it is so important to regularly take vitamins for diabetics, the price of which is quite acceptable today.

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